Farting Doll Is Gross, But So Is Your Kid (VIDEO)

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Farting DollWhen I saw that there was a farting baby doll, I could guess what was coming next: a bunch of humorless pearl clutchers ragging on about how this represents the downfall of society and more. And of course, it happened. In the commentary on various sites that mention Kong Suni, the doll with a flatulence problem, there are protests from parents who think it's gross, who think it's a "bad influence" on children.

It's true, the doll that lets a loud flarp from her behind when you press her tummy is gross. But the last time I checked, so are most kids.

With a 7-year-old in my house, we are in the thick of the bathroom humor stage. The babysitter has taught her that when anyone farts, you are to throw your hand up to form an "L" with the tip of the thumb touching your forehead. The last person to touch finger to forehead is the one who "ate" the fart. Needless to say this is one of her favorite games.

The discussion of all things bathroom goes beyond the house too. At a recent pool party for a fellow 7-year-old, there were discussions about whether one little fellow peed in the pool. All agreed that would be disgusting, but it was with the sort of smirks that left you leery of slipping on your suit and testing the waters.

I'm not saying we don't discourage some of this behavior. Every parent treasures the day when their kid finally realizes it is not necessary to make loud announcements from the bathroom updating the folks on the outside on what is going on on the toilet!

But farts happen. To all of us! Letting them laugh about their bodily functions doesn't mean they can't be taught to save the gas passing for the bathroom. It just means letting them have a little fun while they're still kids. Trust me. I actually let my daughter keep a farting elephant toy sent my way by a PR firm a few years ago, and we've STILL managed to teach her to fart in private.

Go ahead, tell me the farting doll is too gross for your kid. But here's betting your kid is kind of gross too.

Would you buy your kid a farting doll? Is this really a bad influence?


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Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I asked the kid and he thinks it's super cool.

the4m... the4mutts

Hahahaha we're the fartinest family that I've ever met. We are all super immature when it comes to farts.

We don't do it at the table, or announce it when we're at someone else's house, or fart in anyone's face. Those are the rules. Anything else is fair game, and the stinkier, the better! LoL

I think our house needs a farting doll.

Nolanzo Nolanzo

Why are Japanese toys so creepy and weird sometimes? People would actually buy this sh!t???

Adria... AdrianzStar

The next great invention from Asia... lol.  Ok, I think this doll is kinda stupid but seriously... what little kid would want to have a doll that farts?  I think even the boys would play with this one.  Its not any worse than the stuff we have now...  We have ones that pee and parents think it is cute that their little one can 'potty train' a piece of plastic.  At least this one is dry and doesn't involve yellow mystery water all over the place. I'd buy it for my kids with strict rules that the doll may not... under any circumstances... go out with us to dinner.

Nolanzo Nolanzo

Woops not Japanese Korean my bad :-)

Jodi O'Grady

It's a potty teaching device. Don't your kids fart? She eats and she comes with a potty. Should we REALLY be teaching our children to hold in their farts? It can make you sick! Be discreet, go to the bathroom if you can, but come on! I'd rather my child fart than feel sick from holding it in. It's a toy! We have a farting robot with an australian accent. He's also a bank. When you pull each finger and then press his button, you "withdraw" your money and they come out of his butt with a fart and a lift of a leg. A trap door opens and you can see his undies. It's adorable and my 2 year old loves him. We are in the US. I don't think it's asian-made, as their accents are far from australian. Fart humor is universal. If you can't laugh at the human body, you need help!

Tracey M. Lucas

Hey, the doll gets embarassed.  That's something.  The doll is teaching that a fart may mean you have to poop, AND (more importantly) that it's not only human... but to FLUSH IT!  LOVE IT!


I need this doll.

bigba... bigbadbaba

I like it! Where can I get one?

MomLi... MomLily67

Sometimes they just escape!!! it's not really something you can control, When done on purpose that is bad, I think you can even hurt your sphinter muscles is you force it......

In Mexico, there are a couple little dolls that  poop!! hahaha, you put sort of a waxy incense stick on their tush, light a match and off they go!!!.

Little kids think farts, pe, poo and boogers rule.

Tina Goff

I'm sorry but that's adorable!  I bet all the negative comments are from American posters, where this doll isn't even available.  But you know how those people are, they just aren't happy if they don't have something to be shocked about.  When I was a kid I had Ren and Stimpy dolls that farted.  I wonder how many of those people who are so 'shocked' grew up watching Ren and Stimpy, and Beavis and Butthead?

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