5 Ways to Make Video Game Night Fun for the Whole Family

video game nightForget board game night, guys -- it's all about video game night nowadays, and it's the perfect way to bring the family together for serious fun. Why? It's cheaper than a night out at the movies or the arcade, less boring than watching a DVD or movie on cable, and everybody gets to wear their pajamas

Maybe your family is planning its very first video game night -- maybe your group has been gaming together since Super Mario was the Big Cheese. Either way, here are some great tips for a most excellent evening:


1. Pick a no-stress night of the week. If Dad works late on Tuesdays and one kid has soccer practice until 7 p.m. on Wednesdays while another kid seems to get slammed with social studies homework every Thursday, maybe Friday is the night for maximum laughs and relaxation!

2. Stock up on healthy snacks. Kids get amped up enough playing video games -- the last thing they (or you!) need is to munch on mass quantities of sugar. Think popcorn, grapes, carrot sticks (NOT soda!).

3. Choose games everybody can play. There's nothing more frustrating to a little kid than a video game that's too tough to beat. There's nothing more frustrating to a big kid than having to play a boring "baby" video game. Meet in the middle!

4. Set a "curfew" ahead of time. If there's one thing you can expect on family video game night, it's plenty of pleas to push bedtime later and later and later. Before the crazies hit, let everybody know exactly when the festivities will end.

5. Keep competition to a minimum. For obvious reasons! You don't want this turning into a boxing match, after all.

Does you have any tips on how to make family video game night fun for everybody?


Image via Beth Rankin/Flickr

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