Mom Has 12-Year-Old Daughter Arrested to Teach Her a Lesson

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handcuffsI can't imagine how awful it must be to see one of your children arrested. To watch her handcuffed and placed in the back of a squad car for breaking the law has got to break a mother's heart, make her fear for their future, and question how this person who was once her tiny baby ended up in such a situation. But what if that same mother is the one who called police and had her child arrested?

I came across a story from TheDenverChannel in which a mom had her 12-year-old arrested. Surely, she could have found a better option, tried therapy, or punishment or something, I thought when I first read it. Twelve is so young, but in light of everything that went down, I think the mom probably did the best thing -- both for herself and her daughter (both of whom aren't being identified).

According to the station, it started with an argument the woman had with her daughter after school that escalated when she came home after work and found that the daughter had a friend over at their house, which wasn't allowed. The mother called the friend's mom and had her come over to pick up the friend. When they left, things got ugly.

The mom tried to walk away and go upstairs, but the daughter pushed her away from the stairs, the report said. They went into the living room, where the daughter attacked her mother, punching her in the face, the stomach, and the arm.

The woman's son stepped in and broke up the fight, and the woman called police. Her daughter was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor assault and harassment and taken to a juvenile detention center.

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The case is painful in so many ways, but the mother said "she needed to send message" to her daughter, and when it comes to this level of violence, perhaps this was the best way. The woman said this was the second attack she had endured, and no one should have to take that, even if it's coming from one's own child.

I'm already bracing for the coming years with my children when they will inevitably start rebelling, challenging, and pushing my buttons with extra force. I hope that along the way I'm teaching them lessons and setting an example as to how to keep that in check and not let it get out of hand like it sounds like it did in this situation. But what if that's not enough? Sometimes it's not, and whether it's drugs, alcohol, or violent behavior, what do you do when your child rebels in a way that's harmful to himself or others?

While involving the police and having something put on their record is certainly nothing a parent would ever want to do, sometimes it may be that kind of tough love that you have to practice to try and save them and your family from further damage.

Can you imagine a situation in which you'd ever have your own children arrested?


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Radarma Radarma

The graphic in your story appears to possibly speak English. lol Curious choice.

Honestly, there is not enough info for me to say "yes or no" in this case. I am not sure an arrest would touch the underlying issues that might be causing this kid to flip out. I do not judge though, imo, much better than beating the shit out of the kid.

doodl... doodlebut

I have 2 teens and2 younger ones. If my kids ever did that,I wouldn't hesitate to call the police. Thankfully they're good kids who rarely even raise their voice at us.

nonmember avatar Christie

A case like this might be enough for me to get my child arrested (depending on the circumstances) ...I have seen a lot of people in and out of jail as adults and all of the repeat offenders have the same thing in common, mommy or daddy or grandparents were righ there to bail them out every time, that's the biggest mistake parents and loved ones make and that's mistaking caring for enabling.

nonmember avatar Kristie

Even though it would break my heart, I would have done the same thing, it might teach her not to do it again and they may can get her the help she needs.

nonmember avatar KA

Yeah, that would not happen in my house. I can guarantee you. Someone would have gotten an ass-whooping....And don't even start with me about abuse & all that garbage. There's no way I would have ever, ever talked back, much less attempted to hit my parents - either one of them. It was called discipline back then, now it's just called abuse & all I can say is WHATEVER. And we wonder why kids are the way there are today. My son would never talk back to me or even attempt to hit me - he's 18 - we can disagree & we can have discussions about what we disagree about, but he would never disrespect me in that manner. Even when he was 12 that would not have gone down.

maiah... maiahlynn

yeah I dont know my child has tried to hit me I just held her down until she stopped swinging.. but yeah if she had actually gotten a punch in I think I may have had to forget about my no belt possily & spanked her butt.

Shelly Golden

Sorry, but if any of my kids turned on me like they I'm afraid they'd have to face the consequences.

nonmember avatar Tammy

Being a mother of 1 adult child, 1 teenager, and 1 pre-teen, yes I would have done the same, and have done the same when it comes to my adult son. Would I do it again if the circumstances arised again, absolutely! I say kudos to the mom, hopefully this will teach the child there are just some things that are intolerable!

Helena A. Woolley-Killins

i had a situation like this w/ my daughter, she blacked my eye, i then spanked her, and my other daughter called 911, she is now 22, and has never tried to hit me again. bad thing is though, you're the victim and the parent, so any and all charges you have to pay the fines, etc.... you end up feeling it financially. 

mybab... mybabybug

Where was she until  things got to this point?!!  She should take some of the blame!  And if it was for me, I would never call the police but i would definetely get some therapy/help.

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