6 Celebrities Who Have Children With Autism (PHOTOS)

Jacqueline LauritaYesterday Jacqueline Laurita of The Real Housewives of New Jersey announced the heartbreaking news that her 3-year-old son, Nicholas, has been diagnosed with autism. It was a big shock to fans to know that someone we watch week after week has been dealt this challenge, but it's a challenge that that thousands of other parents -- both those onscreen and off -- deal with each and every day.

While Jacqueline could have chosen to keep his diagnosis private, I'm glad to see that she is being so open about it. Autism knows no racial or economic boundaries, and it doesn't care if you're a Real Housewife or a REAL housewife. Understanding and greater awareness are vital to those affected by the disorder, and it's wonderful when people can use their fame to generate them. Here are five other celebrities whose children are also on the autism spectrum and have been open about their journey.

Image via Bravo

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nonmember avatar Katy

Thanks for the Article! We in the process of getting my daughter diagnosed. We thought it was ADHD her Peid thinks its Aspergers and my aunts next door neighbor a peid also thinks she's more autistic. (he's the only one who has actually gotten to watch her play since he has a little girl her age) It's nice to know we're not alone and I'm scared

To death they will stick her in a class with disability children. She's very smart and it would be a huge disservice to her.

lasombrs lasombrs

I want to know if 50 cent ever fully apologized. I don't think he did :( Bravo to Holly for telling him off.

Jamie Dixon

@Katy, you have certain protected rights when it comes to your daughter's education. Please, for your daughter's sake, make sure you understand your rights; consider getting an advocate to help you. It's actually very difficult for a school to just "stick her" in a specialized classroom if that is not the appropriate placement for her - but you have to know your legal rights. Please feel free to contact me to talk about this more.

nonmember avatar Katherine

Please take Jenny McCarthy off this list. If her son was "cured of autism" by eating a gluten-free diet, as she claims, he obviously was misdiagnosed. Including her on this list does a disservice to all families dealing with autism.

tiny_... tiny_mama

For the record, Jenny McCarthy is a douchebag, and a huge thorn in the side of the autism community, not to mention, she recently recanted her statement that her son has Autism and was "cured".. She now believes he had an allergy to gluten and that the gf/cf diet has helped with that. Get your facts straight. -_-

AMom29 AMom29

Oh, you've got to be kidding.

I have two children on the Spectrum, and for some rich "reality" star to expect to be lauded as the new face of ASDs is a laugh. 

She can afford the treatments/therapies her son needs while expecting the rest of the world to pity her?  I'd rather see REAL people with REAL struggles draw attention to the disease, not someone using it for a ratings bump.

twins... twinsmummy20

Actually, you can be cured, or at least greatly improved with autism. I dont think Jenny McCarthy is to far off here. 

Leslie Leon-Cremeens

Heartbreaking diagnosis?  I am not heartbroken my son is Autistic---he is who he is and I love him regardless.  I am heartbroken that he may not get the opportunities that my other kids could get, but his diagnosis was not heartbreaking.  I wish people would stop acting as if it is a death sentence.  As for all the people calling Jenny McCarthy names---grow up!  We all have different paths with out children, for all you know he might have actually BEEN cured---YOU don't know.  I don't believe everything she writes about and I don't follow her or anything---but to put her down because she is outspoken and idiotic---no matter what, she is bringing attention to this disorder--more than people like us could ever hope to do--and for that we all should be grateful---even if she is a hack!

ihave... ihaveoneson

I was just thinking that Leslie! Its not heartbreaking. I'd rather know so I can get my son help. He is 5 now and we knew something was different about him since around 2. Also, if Jenny McCarthys son is cured, then take her off the list. We need people who have "real" Autistic kids. Not "cured" ones. We can learn a lot from the parents of actual Autistic kids.

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