Angelina Jolie's Dad Gives Her Kids Something She Can't (VIDEO)

Angelina JolieAngelina Jolie has her hands full with that big brood of kids of hers. She's got little Vivienne Jolie-Pitt acting in movies these days, and of course there's a certain wedding that's on her mind. But to hear dad Jon Voight talk, this celebrity mama knows there's nothing more important for your kids than getting as much love as possible.

Angie famously ended her even more famous feud with her dad a few years ago -- after she started building her own family. But what that really means for her kids came out just the other day when Voight showed up on Entertainment Tonight.


Voight gushed about the "special bond" he has with all six of his grandkids, noting he makes sure to spend one-on-one time with each so none of them feels slighted. But he did single out 7-year-old Zahara especially for the way she laughs and screams when she sees her grandpa.

Take a look:

Ever hemmed and hawed about whether you should try to make amends with a parent now that you have kids? Please tell me that sealed the deal for you?

I know that not all grandparents are worth having around your kids. I know more than a few parents who have had to cut ties completely as much for their children's sakes as for the sake of their own sanity. I say good on those parents for actually setting their foot (feet?) down.

But if you've thought it before, there's got to be at least a safe bet that there's something worthwhile on the other end, right? Just look at Angie and Jon. Look at all those Jolie-Pitt kids and the extra special kind of love they get from having this man in their life. Their parents probably would be enough for them, but now they have EXTRA love, extra caring ... and I don't think I've ever heard of a kid who was ruined by having "too much love."

Some parents feel threatened by that, but smart parents (Angelina and Brad among them) know there is no relationship like that between kid and grandparent. It's not better than parent and kid. It's just different. They do things for kids that we can't, because we have to think about routines and what will happen the day after tomorrow. But they make your kids laugh and scream and so much more ...

What is the relationship between your kids and their grandparents like? Did you do what Angie has done?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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