5 Issues for Moms to Watch in New Kindergartners

starting Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a stressful time for moms and dads. We are saying good bye to one era of parenthood and moving into another. But as stressful and painful as it is for us, it is even worse for the little ones.

They are moving into a new phase of life as well and it is one that is tricky and confusing and sometimes downright stressful.

All kids have some issues when they start school, but Kindergartners, in particular, may struggle. Asking around, I found the five most common issue incoming Kindergartners face when heading off to school Here they are:



Sitting still: For many little ones, the idea of being in a chair all day is not great. For some, even circle time can be a struggle. Moms can help to get them ready by practicing sitting at home, whether during a family meal or story time. The more they learn to sit and be still, the better off they will be in school.

Following directions: This is also a toughie for babies who just turned five. It's not always easy to listen and to understand the teacher is the boss. At home, moms and dads can practice following simple directions and helping empower your kids to give directions to one another. When they understand the concept, they will get that they need to do so at school.

Making friends: The social aspects of school can often be the hardest part. My daughter is gregarious and open and loves making new friends, but I still worry about her in a school so full of big kids. Still, we are jumping in with both feet. Moms can help by arranging play dates and being social with the parents of students in your kid's classroom. If they see mom making friends, it makes it easier for them.

Getting used to a full day: For many children, this is the first time they have been in school past noon. For some, this can be a real struggle. One of the best ways to prepare children for this is to really walk them through a full day before the first day. Tell them every step and the whole schedule. This makes it easier.

Academics: Kindergarten is not what it used to be. For many children, reading and math and all the components that make up Kindergarten are harder than they expected and they get frustrated. As parents, our job is to walk them through work books and help them practice, but also to ease up the pressure and remind them to have fun. Make games of their work and help making learning fun.

What were your child's struggles with Kindergarten?



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