10 Biggest New Kindergarten Mom Worries

Kindergarten worriesMy daughter is starting Kindergarten this fall (cue the water works) and no matter how much I try to accept that she is five and ready (and excited!) I can't help but feel a little melancholy as I send her off into the big, bad world.

It's silly, really. She has been in a big Pre-K and had three years of pre-school. She can read, do simple math, make friends easily, draw elaborate pictures and get along well in a group of kids. I know she is ready. But I? Am not.

We moms worry. We have our own set of concerns from our own school days that haunt us, but we also have concerns about our kids themselves. We are moms. Worry is our middle name. So here are some of the top 10 worries moms of incoming Kindergartners have:

  • Was she really ready? : Sure, five is THE age and all that, but wasn't it just yesterday our little ones were born? How is it even remotely possible that those tiny, sweet babies have grown into these active and excitable KIDS? They may be ready chronologically, but it's hard to imagine they are ready emotionally.
  • Could she do a whole day? : Our Pre-K was 9-1:30 and before that, preschool was 9-12:30. The idea of 8:15-2:45 seems very long and very daunting for some parents.
  • Was she going to make any friends? : My biggest worries are all social. I know my kid is fine academically, but I have so many bad memories of mean girl drama, I can't stand the idea that my super confident, happy, uber social kid would struggle in that way. Even for a second.
  • Whose separation anxiety is worse, mine or hers? : For those of us who have been home with our babies, the starting of school means a whole new life. She will be away from us and those old baby days are done for good.
  • Will the bus ride be awful with the older kids? : This is not one I have to worry about, but for many parents, this is the biggest challenge of the new school year.
  • Will their teacher be good to them, treat them fairly? : Since we all know a good teacher makes or breaks the school year, this one is key and makes all the difference.
  • Will they make friends easily? : It's all new kids. How will my daughter fare?
  • Will they be bullied? : This is my biggest fear. Bullying is such an issue and little girls can be so mean. I remember it so well.
  • Will they feel peer pressure? : It starts young these days.
  • Will they like the academics of school? : I spent so much time touring schools in the past year, it's maddening. So many schools are so different. It is hard to know what way your child needs to learn so you just close your eyes and JUMP, right? Yikes.

What were/are your biggest worries in starting school?



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