'Drag Queen Barbie' Poised to Make Uptight Parents Really Upset (PHOTOS)

drag queen barbieI love Barbie. I don't care if her waist is impossibly small and her breasts are perfectly plastic. My very own Barbie Dream House still resides in my parents' attic along with the dozens of Barbies and Kens. Some with all their hair, some with unfortunate hair cuts.

And when my kids are old enough and if they want to play Barbies (even my son), then I'll happily share all my "vintage" stuff. I'd even buy them Mattel's latest Drag Queen Barbie if the doll wasn't $125.

Technically, the doll is called The Blonds Blond Diamond Barbie, but nicknamed Drag Queen Barbie because the lady is designed to look like cross-dresser and now-Barbie designer Phillipe Blond. 


Phillipe along with David Blond were commissioned to give ole Barbs a gender-bending look, perhaps even more fabulous and fierce than any look Barbie's ever had. That's certainly a lot of sparkle.

blond diamond barbie

I can almost hear the complaints of uptight parents already who think Drag Queen Barbie is an abomination of the sanctity of the Barbie world and playrooms everywhere. To them I say Don't like the doll? Don't buy it. It's a collector Barbie anyway and the $125 price tag reflects that. Just like the uproar over Tattoo Barbie, there will always be those who freak out and act like that Barbie will make your kid will want neck tattoos and this Barbie will make your kid a Liza Minnelli fan. Neither is that bad when you think about it. We're not talking about torturing puppies here. Still, some will think that if their child plays with this Barbie, he or she will want to be a she or he and it's all the fault of the white faux fox fur coat with its signature Barbie pink lining.

Powerful doll.

And you know what? Even if you are into being super spendy when it comes to your kids, remember this gal is really called Blond Diamond Barbie, so if you aren't in the mood to teach your kid what a drag Queen is, simply don't tell her or him that's the leggy one's nickname.

Besides, like all Barbies, this one just had perky little hills for boobs and a non-descript mound for a private area. The doll's body looks like every other Barbie out there. Drag Queen Barbie doesn't even come with a gay pride flag or RuPaul's phone number, so haters should cool their jets. 

Those who love the fab doll can buy her at Barbie Collector, but the babe is on back-order until December.

What do you think of this Barbie? Love it or hate it?

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