Tom Cruise Is Taking Risks That Might Blow His Chance of Getting Custody of Suri

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wedding cakeCan someone please wake me when all the Cruise dramady is over? I have loved Tom Cruise since the days of Risky Business. Who doesn't love a boy dancing around the house in his skivvies while running a brothel out of his parents house? I fell in love with him even harder when he played Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder. And I won’t lie; I have wanted to hug poor little Katie Holmes since she played Joey Potter on Dawson’s Creek. Suri Cruise has more chutzpah and panache than any grown up I know, plus she’s got a burn book named after her. This is celebrity royalty, people. This is why we are all so obsessed. This family was built for commercialism. But now, it’s all fallen apart and it’s getting nasty in the news.

In the latest chapter, Daddy Tom is looking to get custody of little Suri from mom Katie. Do you blame the poor guy? He needs a girl who is not going to leave him. Why does everyone keep leaving this guy? Sure he’s a little small on stature and a bit on the fanatic side of his L. Ron Hubbard addiction, but come on, ladies, you knew this going into the relationship. He’s never pretended to be tall or sane. He publicizes his faith in Scientology like the Octomom publicizes her faith in fertility doctors. Does that make him a bad person? He is Suri’s dad, after all, and he deserves to spend time with his little girl.

If you ask me, Katie did him a little dirty with her shock and awe, sneak off surprise divorce. I mean the poor guy must have been shocked by the divorce and awed by the fact that she would have the balls to file on his 50th birthday. I see where Suri gets her chutzpah.

Unfortunately, Tom is planning on waiting until he has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is as worthy as Katie to be Suri’s primary caregiver. He’s waiting until his work schedule is a little less hectic. I’m not sure that is the best idea. Kids and custody are not like that last 10 pounds you want to lose; you can’t just get around to it when you feel like it. You have to just go for it. I’m pretty sure that waiting to build up enough evidence to prove that he is a great father until his work schedule has thinned out will look like Tom is prioritizing work over his relationship with his daughter.

My advice, Tom: go for custody now. Put projects on hold, stop the world, do what you have to, but if custody is what you want then you need to make Suri the biggest priority in your life.

Do you think Tom should go for custody now or wait until he has more time to spend with Suri?

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nonmember avatar kaerae

Well, your 2 questions are both on the same side, and I think Katie should keep custody. Also, I think we all knew his signing the decree so fast was only temporary in his eyes. In any case, in the initial custody phase, it is whichever parent is in the child's best interest to be with. Once that's signed, you have to wait 6 months for a modification, AND you have to prove there has been a material change that now makes the current guardian UNFIT. It's not just like you get a do-over after you signed, he would actually have to prove Katie unfit, and I don't think he can do that. The best he can hope for is increased visitation, but this guy will ALWAYS put his career first.

notjs... notjstasocermom

Katie already has custody yeah

cmjaz cmjaz

Nicole didn't leave him. He left her. Just throwing that out there.

nonmember avatar jlav

Deborah you must a relative of Toms!

Venae Venae

He's the one w/the busy career - so he doesn't have time to have custody of her.  So the question is - who gets custody - the mother or some nanny?


I think a little girl should be with her mom and see her dad whenever she wants. Tom should no have custody. He's gone for months at a time.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Personally I think it was crappy of Katie to move them to NYC that far away from her father. That is low. Even though I am more on her side. They are famous and it will get ugly and this is gossip do can't believe everything I hear and read. They may have a plan already worked out for all we know.

nonmember avatar Julie

All three of his wives left him at 33 - probably arranged marriage. I never liked him much. Suri is better off with her mom...Tom is creepy lol.

zandh... zandhmom2

You know, none of us know a thing about their marriage or if the separation was a totally shock to him or not.  I personally don't like him...haven't since he jumped on Oprahs' couch! And to be honest, I don't really care who gets Suri because that is between the mother and father.  I hate the way we as a society get so wrapped up in celebrities lives.

Tzymotraklim Jorkzinw

Tom's mind is gone. He is a total nut job. Scientology turned him into a wacko. No child should be trusted with Tom Cruise. Three woman left him already. The fourth will leave him too. He's a freak and he needs therapy.

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