5 Fun & Budget-Friendly Textbook Covers Almost Too Cool for School

textbooksAs soon as those course books are handed out the first day of class, there is one thing every kid must do. No, not read it from front to back. I'm talking about putting on textbook covers.

Back in the day, brown paper was the only option. For those who like that old-school feel, it's still a nice route. There are fun, low-cost, and environmentally-friendly choices for your family to choose from. Take a look at the coolest ways to cover text books this school year.

Do you have other creative book cover ideas?

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mompam mompam

I love the book sox. I'll never go back to anything else. They last and are so easy!!

dusky... dusky_rose

We used to do the brown paper bags long ago, but I like the gift bag idea, thanks! I have also done the book sox idea too.

Kaela Wheeler

I always used butcher's paper. A nice white, blank canvas I could doodle on all semester.

Taisie Taisie

I work in the fabrics and crafts section at Wally World, and a lot of people come in and buy fabric for their book covers. We have a lot of fabric that is really cheap, like $1.50 a yard even, and if you look in our remnants section, you can find it even cheaper sometimes. Not sure how you do it, but I'm sure if you search the Internet there's a tutorial for it, isn't there always for like, everything? :)

nonmember avatar Tara

Wallpaper scraps were always my favorite... You need something thick if you want it to actually protect the book.

Kaina... Kainalu55

great ideas!  We used to use Paper Bags!

Roxie Maloney

The principal at my daughter's school told us that they aren't allowed to use the book sox because they break the book bindings.

mamivon2 mamivon2

I had to have covers on every single book in school.. my mom used calender paper or wrapping paper

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