3 Argument-Free Ways to Encourage Your Child to Get Good Grades

back to school studyWe're just a few months away from midterms, mom and dad! Perhaps your kid is a solid student and always brings home the As. Congratulations! But for many more parents out there, it's a struggle to get kids to focus and buckle down at homework time.

The truth is, as parents, we can sometimes be just as anxious about our child's grades as he is himself. If you have report card day circled in red on your family calendar, why not consider doing a few things differently this year and taking the pressure of everyone. Here are three ways to encourage your child to get good grades, without the battle.


1. Talk About Goals, Not Tasks

Nothing makes a kid tune out more than expounding the value of finishing his algebra homework. Instead of nagging and hovering, have a continuous discussion with your child about what he wants to do in life. Emphasize that the more he knows, the more options he will have when he has that degree in hand. The more subjects he has mastered -- and top grades he has earned -- the more opportunities that will come his way.

2. Give Her a Room of Her Own

If your child doesn't already have a study space that promotes concentration while inspiring her creativity, work with her to create that space. Make sure she has input, but that you both keep the goal of studying in mind. Consider blocking social media and chat on her computer as long as it's in her "study space" just to cut down on the distractions. At the same time, allow her some fun -- art work, posters, a fun desk and chair -- so she'll feel good about buckling down when it's time.

3. Get Into a Routine

Now that he has the motivation and the place to go, start on day one. Lay down the rules of study time whether it always happens the minute he gets home from school, the hour before or after dinner, or what happens to work with your family's schedule. Make it a given, rather than a negotiation, and never schedule anything during that time to show him that you value his hard work as well.


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