4-Year-Old Hero Sacrifices Himself to Save Drowning 3-Year-Old

public poolA four-year-old hero, Xander Vento, has died after his parents made the heartbreaking decision to take him off of life support. Xander lapsed into a coma while sacrificing his own life to save a drowning three-year-old girl who he saw struggling in the deep end of the pool.

He held the struggling 3-year-old girl above the water so that she wouldn't drown, and after becoming exhausted himself, slipped below the water’s surface and into a coma. He was found at the bottom of the pool and pulled from the water immediately. Every rescue effort was made but the trauma was just too much for little Xander’s body to handle.


The 3-year-old girl swallowed some water, but never lost consciousness.

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Xander is the very definition of a Good Samaritan and an example for all of us. Whatever his parents were doing in the way of parenting a child who respects life and believes in extending human kindness to others, they were doing it right. He didn't weigh his options and decide whether it was worth his time and effort to save the girl. He thought nothing of himself or how it would benefit him. He saw someone in need and did he all that he could to help her. How many of us adults can say that we would have reacted in such a selfless way if in the same situation?

In his selfless act, Xander has taught us all a lesson about human kindness. I hope we all take note of his sacrifice and are inspired to be a little better every day in honor of this anazing hero.

How do you teach your child to respect life and instill human kindness in your little one?

Image via West Vancouver Archives/ Flickr

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