How to Create a Homework Station That Works for Your Kid (PHOTOS)

Julie Ryan Evans | Aug 8, 2012 Big Kid
How to Create a Homework Station That Works for Your Kid (PHOTOS)

homeworkIf there's one thing I'm dreading about school being back in session again, it's homework. I do not relish the drama of trying to coax and coerce my son to sit and down and just get it done already!

I've vowed up and down that we will NOT have battles like we did last year, but I know we will if I don't make some changes. One of those changes is establishing a designated homework space. This means no just plopping down wherever he feels like, but creating a space for the sole purpose of homework that will suddenly make homework more enticing than video games or playing outside with his friends. Okay, I'm not delusional, but I'm hoping it will at least make things a little better. Here are some tips for setting up a homework station for your kid.

Do your children have designated spaces for homework? What tips would add?


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  • Minimize Distractions


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    Try to establish it in a location that's as free from distractions as possible. Make sure it's out of the line of sight of televisions that might be on and windows outside of which friends may be playing.

  • Stock It With Supplies


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    Make sure they have everything they need to do their work right there. Whether you use a desk organizer, baskets, or old plastic containers, make sure it's all right there to minimize any up and down and distractions along the way.

  • Make It Comfortable


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    As much as you're able, try to design the workspace to fit them. That means getting things like a chair and desk or table that are their size to make sure they're comfortable and hopefully less fidgety.

  • Get the Light Right


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    The right amount of light can have a huge effect on mood and productivity. Be it natural or by way of a lamp, make sure there's plenty of it, but also that it's not too bright.

  • Make It Fun


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    You don't want to add distraction, but you do want to make the workspace as fun as possible. That may mean school supplies in their favorite colors or pictures of some of their favorite people framed on their desk. Letting them help pick out things and have input on the space is helpful too.

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