How to Create a Homework Station That Works for Your Kid (PHOTOS)

homeworkIf there's one thing I'm dreading about school being back in session again, it's homework. I do not relish the drama of trying to coax and coerce my son to sit and down and just get it done already!

I've vowed up and down that we will NOT have battles like we did last year, but I know we will if I don't make some changes. One of those changes is establishing a designated homework space. This means no just plopping down wherever he feels like, but creating a space for the sole purpose of homework that will suddenly make homework more enticing than video games or playing outside with his friends. Okay, I'm not delusional, but I'm hoping it will at least make things a little better. Here are some tips for setting up a homework station for your kid.

Do your children have designated spaces for homework? What tips would add?


Image via woodleywonderworks/Flickr


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