9 Teacher Stories So Bad They'd Never Happen Today

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dunce capHave you gotten the "OMG, my kid got Such-and-Such Teacher, and I hear she's just awful" call from a friend yet? Just wait. Bad teacher stories are as much a tradition as big fish tales, and there's a chorus of them every year during back-to-school season.

Moms! Dads! Allow me to be the little voice of reason whispering in your ear. It won't be that bad. Really.

My daughter is headed into second grade this year, and we've already had two incredible women who came into our lives and helped us mold her little mind. I can't help but have high hopes for the year to come. Thinking anything less is just shooting myself in the foot.

Yes, there's always one or two bad apples that spoils the bunch, but teachers these days are mostly hardworking professionals who got into the gig because they actually like kids ... and education. The scary stuff that used to fly back in the day won't.

So just for a little perspective, The Stir asked around for some adults' worst teacher stories from the "olden days" ...

1. My homeroom teacher slapped me in the face in 10th grade.

2. Does being told in class that my parents are "poor dirt farmers" count? Sixth grade history teacher, class full of students, and all of my friends and I were so shocked we're still not sure what the context was ... just that he said it!

3. We had a teacher who literally yelled at the students in class, telling them they are stupid each time a student asks a question. Fast forward to test, everyone fails, then the teacher proceeds to literally yell at all the students calling them stupid because they didn't ask questions!

4. My fourth grade teacher smoked in class. True story.

5. My history teacher/homeroom teacher (later became superintendent) made us squat down, put our thumbs under our armpits, and walk from his desk to the lockers across the hall and back again for as many times as he saw fit for doing something he didn't see fit. He also made us stand in a garbage pail in the hall outside of his room and added books to the top of our head to hold on to!

6. We had an ancient math teacher, who was in her 47th year of teaching, who wore the SAME dress every single day and threw pieces of chalk at kids' heads when they didn't have the right answer.

7. I was slapped in the face and yanked up by my arm by one of my teachers when I was younger for trying to help another kid pick up his crayons that fell on the ground!

8. One male teacher told me in front of the class that the only way I would ever be rich is if I won the lotto or married rich.

9. My fifth grade teacher announced in front of the entire class that I'd failed a test because she didn't like smart girls, and I usually had all As.

Really, do any of the stories about your kid's teacher measure up to these? I didn't think so!

Do you feel better about the silly stories you've heard about your kid's teacher? Do you have a bad "back in the day" story to add?


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nonmember avatar Mikeys mommy

My first grade teacher would only let us go to the bathroom at certain times and i had sn accident one day. She grad me by the arm and threw me across the room to the door n told me to gave the nurse call my white trash mother to clean me up. 6 months later they found a tumor pressing on my bladder. It was stage four cancer

Emellbee Emellbee

We had a gym teacher back in elemetary school (early 80s) who would spank kids with a hockey stick if you acted up!  He would drag the kid into the supply closet and whack him with the hockey stick!  One friend had a wallet with the imprint of the hockey stick on it he kept all through high school!

poshkat poshkat

My gym teacher in middle school spent the first day of gym telling us she hates stinky kids and how we all stink and she has deodorant to give out if anyone needs it. She spent the rest of the school year taunting us about how we stink and we''re horrible students. She was just peachy! She also yelled at us constantly and wondered out loud why nobody came to her for deodorant even though we clearly needed it.

Momma... MommaGreenhalge

I had a teacher in seventh grade who joined in with almost an entire class of kids taunting me, and refused to let me goo to the guidance counselor. Another teacher at that school used to hide a flask of gin in her desk. And we had a coach that would make us do push ups if we didn't have our homework for history class.

Torra... TorranceMom

I went to Catholic school from Kindergarten until I graduated. Nuff said.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

In 7th grade ('96) our English teacher was pushed to the brink by one kid so hard he picked up a desk chair and threw it into a wall of computers in the back room. 

I dont particularly condone what he did, but that kid was being a real asshole.. Actually, after that incident, we never saw him again. O.o

Ksmomy Ksmomy

My daughter, now 16, was spanked by her 1st grade teacher. I called the principal, who confronted the teacher. When the teacher called me she couldn't understand why I'd called in on her instead of "just talking to her". Then she went on to explain to me that she had indeed spanked my daughter because while walking to lunch the teacher stopped so my daughter stepped around her to keep up with the class. (My daughter was in the middle of the line and wasn't told to stop. The teacher described how she got my daughter by the arm and "swatted" her bottom! She also said, "I don't know what the problem is! I spank my granddaughters all the time!" I said "excuse me the problem is she isn't your granddaughter, she is no relation to you and she suffers from Post Tramatic Stress disorder! You just set her therapy back." She was calm and confused through the entire conversation. I went to pick my child up and the principal made sure to tell me he'd talked to her and taken care of everything. I then told him, "I hope you did because if I hear of anything like this happening to my child or any other child not only will I call your boss but I'll call the police and your name and the name of this school will be plastered on every newspaper and news report! So I do hope it was taken care of!"

I later found out the teacher had been belittling the kids, screaming, and grabbing the boys bythe ear and twisting it! She was fired by then!

1likeme 1likeme

It is naive to believe that teachers today never abuse students in any way. I think the children who were fed their teachers semen on cookies is much more horrific than any stories you posted. Every parent should look at all authority figures with open eyes and if your child tells you that their teacher is innapropriate believe them. Children typically underreport abuse by teachers and authority figures in general.

MomaL... MomaLlama

My dad was a very mischievous kid (made worse by the fact that his family moved around a lot and he never stayed at the same school through an entire grade until he was in high school)  He had one teacher that would take his "medicine" from a flask several times every day.  All the kids new it was really whiskey.  One day while the teacher was out of the room my dad emptied the flask out and filled it back up with water.  When the teacher came back and took his "medicine" he immediately knew my dad was responsible so when he yelled my dad got up and ran.  My dad's shoe ended up falling off and the teacher picked it up and chucked it at my dad's head as he ran out of the classroom.  I don't think that happens often these days.  (I think this was 3rd grade)

Jespren Jespren

Yeah...if you think these examples, and far, far worse ones don't happen in today's public (and some private) schools, you are seriously deluded.

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