7 Sport Video Games to Make Even a Rainy Day Athletic

kids playing soccerThere's nothing like getting outside and getting active with your kids in the summer. Not to mention that the London games have the whole world more motivated than usual!

You can't beat this time of year for playing almost any sport (maybe with the exception of ice hockey!). But as we near the hottest days, it seems like stormy days are more inevitable, forcing us to stay inside. Boo! But have no fear! The kids can still get their athletic spirit on indoors! Here, seven sports you can all still play on a rainy day thanks to the magic of video games ...

  1. Tennis - Although hitting a real court may seem like the best way for kids to get their "love" on, these days, it's easy enough to play via video game, too!
  2. Bowling - Sure, you could head to the lanes in town, but why not forgo the cost of shoe rental?
  3. Hockey - You don't need ice or ice skates to play virtually!
  4. Track - Running isn't just for sidewalks or treadmills! Now anyone can "compete" in this Olympic sport while standing in front of the TV.
  5. Soccer - Kids who love to kick don't have to take to a real (and possibly super-muddy) field when they can join a video game soccer team. 
  6. Baseball - While there really is nothing like being taken out to the ball game, kids can always aim for a home run at home.
  7. Golf - This one's for little and big kids alike. My fiance's a big fan of using a golf video game to perfect his swing!

Image via Chip Griffin/Flickr

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