Best Backpacks for Kids From Preschool to 6th Grade

backpacks school busWhile you're out shopping for back to school clothes and accessories for your kids, you'll want to make sure that you don't leave one very important item off your list -- the perfect backpack.

Having a sturdy bag to transport all of your kids' books, papers, and other belongings to and from school is a definite must, but with so many different bags out there to choose from, finding the right fit isn't always easy.


A good rule of thumb is to gauge what kind you buy based on your child's age and size, because that alone will help determine how much weight they can carry.

Here are some recommendations to help you find the perfect backpack for your kids based on what grade they'll be going into.

Preschool -- For little ones who are just starting off, make sure to purchase a mini-backpack; otherwise, you may witness your child falling over from the weight of too many arts & crafts projects!

Kindergarten -- For your child's first experience in "big kid" school, you'll want to make sure to step things up and get them a junior sized backpack to make sure all of their papers fit.

1st Grade to 3rd Grade -- Get your grade schooler a backpack that is more of a standard size, without being too overwhelming or huge. The straps on the bag should not be too large for your child's height and frame.

4th Grade to 6th Grade -- As your child's books get heavier, so does the weight on their shoulders. This is a good time to start thinking about getting a backpack with wheels so they can pull it on heavier days.

Have you purchased a new backpack for the upcoming school year yet?


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