Dad's Brilliant Plan to Wake Up Son With Water Gun Backfires (VIDEO)

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Dad Shoots SonHave you seen the video of the dad who decides his little boy has been sleeping too long? He takes a loaded water gun, stalks through the house chanting the Doom theme, and then lets him have it. Pow, pow, pow, right in the back.

Surprise, surprise, it's gone viral. Not surprising? People actually approve of what this dad did to his poor little guy. Thousands of them.

The video is almost a year old (although it just surfaced on the front page of Reddit yesterday), and it has nearly half a million "likes" on YouTube. Kind of depressing, isn't it? Wait, here, let me show you the video before I explain just why this guy is not funny or likeable:

OK, now that you've heard the poor kid crying, I have a question for you. Would you want to be woken up that way? No? Me neither. So why should it be done to a poor kid? And why would you laugh?

I get it, kids are small. They are easy targets for adults who feel like being a-holes.

But kids are people. They have feelings. And the first thing parents should think about when they go to do something to their kids shouldn't be "OMG, will I get a million hits on YouTube." It should be "would I be OK with someone doing this to me?"

So I ask it again: would you be OK with someone walking into your room and blasting you out of a dead sleep with a continuous stream of water?

I'm not some hardass here. I've been put to my limits by a cranky sleeper. Between road trips and childcare changes and playdates and late-night community concerts and catching fireflies and everything else that goes with summer, my kid's routine has been shot all to hell. Disturb her, and I may have to question your dedication to life on this planet. The other day, I kid you not, I offered her a donut in exchange for getting out of the hotel bed so we could get on the road and get back home.

I'm not proud of it. But at least I don't feel like my kid will have to go therapy over it in 20 years.

So be honest, when is the last time you stopped and thought: "Would I like what I'm doing to my kid if it were done to me?"


Image via MrJibaku/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Julie

You shouldn't be a parent. Your so worried that you will scar your kids that you are willing to sacrfice sanity and discipline. Kid isn't made of sugar, and a little water never hurt anyone. By bribing your kid it just teaches them if you hold out long enough, you'll be rewarded.

MomLi... MomLily67

Some parents ARE assholes and don't think about what their kids feel. Empathy is not going to make your kids weak.

noneya79 noneya79

I didn't see what was so bad about it... I could see my dad and stepdad doing that to me, and my kids' dad doing that to them... it's not like he was screaming at the top of his lungs, he was just whining.. My stepdad used to get a spoon and a pan and bang them in the room I was sleeping in to wake me up, and i have sensitive ears. I'm not scarred for life from it... lol, I got over it pretty fast actually! 

Tracey Plummer

Sounded to me like he was laughing, not crying.

Waag Waag

This was done all the time to me and my cousin growing up we all turned out just fine. My son would probably be laughing if I woke him up like this.

nonmember avatar Harriet

Are all of you deaf? The kid is laughing!

Roxygurl Roxygurl

Look closely, the kid moves before dad even fires the gun. The kid was awake the whole time AND he was Laughing not crying.

I swear some bloggers just make up shit

nonmember avatar Lili

The boy was laughing you can hear the chuckling which caused the dad too. Actually sounds like my sons laugh. It was innocent and cute. it wasn't like a bucket was thrown on his head or drenched in water.

nonmember avatar ugh

oh please, way to overreact. it's a friggin water gun filled with water that's it.

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