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nonmember avatar Lisette

I think it's interesting that your daughter did not comment that she would play with the black doll.

Kylee... KyleenElsiesMom

I'm not surprised. I think these responses are a sign of good parenting.

Shannon Shaw Mammone

Your daughter is delightful! Kids are just kids.It's up to us to make sure they have positive role models. Keep up the great work!

Katie... KatieFlower

The Barbie are cute and if I had a girl I would let her have any barbie she liked because it is playing and pretending, you can be anything and anyone.

Amy Hernandez

I've always found all the controversy over Barbie really ridiculous. I grew up playing with Barbies, (the old 80's Barbies with the super tiny waist and giant boobs)..... did I think I'D look like Barbie when I grew up? No. Barbie's a doll. And I don't remember ever wanting to wear clothes like hers (but that could just be me. To this day I have no interest in fancy clothes). Most of the time I was annoyed that her clothes were "too small" for her to do anything. "How is Barbie supposed to roller skate when you can see her hoohoo whenever she bends over???" I don't remember ANY of my friends or children I babysat for wanting to be Barbie. I just asked my 9 year old daughter if she wanted to look like Barbie (or thought she SHOULD look like her) and she looked at me like I was crazy. "Uh.... no. Barbie is WAY too skinny for someone with such big ribs. It isn't normal." 

My thoughts exactly. Dolls are just dolls, and our kids aren't thinking of them in terms of "self esteem" until WE start making a big deal out of it, and we as mothers have a much bigger impact on their self image than any piece of plastic ever could.  

Sarah Saucerman

The real issue is why is Tokidoki Barbie $500?? 


wjbra... wjbrady2011

your daughter sounds adorable. you are doing a great job. i wasnt much for dolls. i was a tomboy.

momof... momof3cuties987

What is wrong with wearing a swim suit?  I don't want my kids to dress slutty, but they should feel comfortable enough to wear  a bikini if they want.

Michelle M. Snowden

"A child learns more from their parents and environment then a toy! I am extremely concerned that this 7 year old is so concerned about tight clothes and showing too much skin! I have a 7 year old daughter and these do not even cross her mind or lips! I am more concerned that her parents seem to criticize others for "too tight" clothes and "showing too much skin" around her and this 7 year old has picked up that trait, TO JUDGE OTHERS! Just so sad for that child to be so consumed with criticizing of others."


sweet... sweetchile

My sister and I have many wonderful memories of playing for hours with Barbies. We are in our 40's and still fondly recall that time.

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