J.K. Rowling Deserves to Build Her Kids $200,000 Magical Tree Houses

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j.k. rowling treehousesParents who also happen to be Harry Potter fans: Brace yourself to be insanely jealous of J.K. Rowling and her youngest kids, 9-year-old David and 7-year-old Mackenzie. No, she's not writing them additional Potter books none of us will ever get to read. (Although, who knows, when your mom is J.K., your bedtime stories are probably incredible!) Nope, she's building them two 40-foot, Hogwarts-inspired tree houses!

Rowling's husband, Dr. Neil Murray, has reportedly applied for permission to construct the tree houses in the garden of the couple's 17th century Edinburgh mansion. According to plans submitted to the City of Edinburgh Council earlier this month, the treehouses will cost around $200K. Wooowee!

But, really, these aren't just any ol' fancypants tree houses -- like the one Katie and Tom were rumored to have gotten for Suri last year.

In addition to conical turrets and a rope bridge connecting them, the tree houses -- designed by Blue Forest, a luxury tree house construction company -- take a cue from all the magic Rowling dreamed up for her insanely popular fiction. For instance, David's tree house includes a secret tunnel underneath the entrance ramp for quick exits and a fireman's pole around back. Mackenzie's house will be built with a trap door and rope ladder tucked away inside. An owl will watch over the tree houses, while a basket and pulley will allow them to descend from the structures. Simply put, these sound like any kid's dream come true.

There's no doubt kids -- of all ages, even 28! -- all over the world will turn green with envy upon reading this news. But come on, should we expect any less from Rowling or for her children? We're talking about one of the most successful moms on the planet. And rightfully so! Her books helped so many kids fall in love with reading. For as much as she's bolstered their imaginations and enjoyment of literature, Rowling and her kiddos deserve every last wondrous daydream come true. Even these super-expensive, incredibly enviable tree houses!

Do these treehouses sound like a dream come true to you, too?

Image via Blue Forest UK

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aReal... aRealteenMother

Freakin' balls, I want that tree house!


That's just awesome. I want one too.

cmjaz cmjaz

Cool! Count me in!

ghost... ghostbaby

Good for them. She made her money so let her spend it. Its not like she's the octomom.

stork... storkneedsgps

Yep, they all deserve it! Now write another Harry Potter book!

Littl... LittleFrogsMA

She can buy that for her kids if she writes MY kids another Hogwarts series

Badge83 Badge83

I. Want. One. Now! lol

Kelly... KellyBSchrute

But what about the 99%? Just because she's made her own success doesn't mean she should be able to spend ridiculous amounts of money on whatever she wants.  I know plenty of kids that don't have a treehouse at all.

She could spend that money to buy 2,000 kids a $100 treehouse each, including her own kids.  And if she doesn't want to do that, the government should just force her too.

Such greed, how dare she.

alisa... alisabethjaimes

Kelly, Rowling does a lot of charity work which include child welfare among other causes, so no I wouldn't say she is greedy because she isn't building treehouses for kids other than her own.

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

Kelly, i can't tell if you're sarcastic or an idiot...

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