Starting the Conversation About Underage Drinking With Your Kids

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Have you started talking with your kids about underage drinking? The fact is, it’s never too early – or too late – to begin the conversation.  But you might be surprised to know the first step in talking with your kids about underage drinking doesn't involve your kids at all! It starts with you! To have successful conversations with your children, you need to be prepared to set clear boundaries and consequences to create accountability.


Before beginning the conversation, be sure you have a clear understanding of your own stance on underage drinking, rules and consequences. Here are some ideas to get you thinking about the conversation:

  • What is your position on underage drinking?
  • Once your position is determined, stick to it. Don’t make exceptions for special occasions and remember that your actions should match the rules you set.
  • What clear boundaries do you want to communicate and establish on the topic of underage drinking?
  • Be proactive in your child’s life. Don’t wait until a situation arises.  Proactively seek out resources and a support system before you face a problem.
  • Make your child accountable for their own actions. Help them understand they are responsible for the consequences of their choices – both good and bad.

Once you know your position, you’re better prepared to have effective discussions about underage drinking with your kids. If they believe they can come to you with questions about alcohol and get honest answers, you'll start to form a connection on this issue. This means they'll be more likely to share drinking-related information with you as they grow up. You have the influence.

Have you considered these questions before talking to your kids about drinking?

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