If Your Kid Is In My House, I'll Discipline Him My Way

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Disciplining your kidsYou've all been there. You've got a playdate over for your kids and they start misbehaving. Or maybe it's just the other kid. Sure, it's easy to snap back at your own flesh and blood, telling him for the umpteenth time not to play dodge ball in the house. But what about the other kid?

Disciplining is just another one of a parent's tough jobs. It's part of the whole teaching process. But if it's another family's child, is it your responsibility to teach them? To scold or punish them for doing something wrong?

Hell yeah, it is!

If a kid's over at my house doing something against our rules, you better believe I'm going to yell at him. To be fair, I'd treat him just like my own kids. If it's something minor, I'd just talk to them and tell them to cut it out. But if it's something dangerous or he's about to break something valuable, the kid gloves are off.

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What I really don't get is when the parents are over too, the kid misbehaves, and nothing happens. Not a peep. I've seen so many kids act like, well, spoiled little brats, trashing a place right under their parent's nose. The parents ignore their kids and just keep talking to the other adult. And I've gotta admit, dads are just as guilty as moms in this one.

When that happens in my own house, my wife's way too nervous to say anything. It could really ruin her friendship with the other mother, she'll say. Personally, I couldn't care less. If a kid's that obnoxious and disrespectful, I don't want him in my house. And if his own parents aren't going to do more than mutter a single, "Now cut that out," I have no problem dropping the hammer. Whether their parent's around or not, if a kid's doing something wrong, they're going to hear it from me.

If we're at your house, though, by all means let your kid walk on furniture, play Frisbee with the fine china, and draw on the walls with permanent markers. Your house, your rules.

So if you're too afraid to discipline your own child, then keep him way clear of my house. Otherwise, if he's not careful, he may actually learn something.

Do you discipline other parents' kids?

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Desir... Desireesmom2011

I agree that if my child is misbehaving at her friends house then the other parent have every right to yell at her to knock it off or put her in time out. But if they lay a hand on her I will knock them right out. If shes really being that bad they need to call me so I can deal with it my way.


tinyp... tinypossum

I get what you are saying and agree that if it's a play date and you are the adult in charge, you have the right to discipline the kids under your watch. I think there are limits to that, though. You should never lay hands on anyone else's kid, obviously, even of you spank your own.

However, if the parent is there and nothing of yours is being damaged (kid or property), then you should contain yourself to asking the kid to calm down, etc.. You've got no business putting someone else's kid in time out or whatever right under their nose. That's way overstepping. If its that bad, just ask them to leave, buit don't assume that you have the right to parent everyone else's kid just because they are in your vicinity.


No. I never did. I'd tell them to stop but I never "disciplined" any of my kids friends. I'd have taken them home first. I don't think it's up to me. "My house my rules" is fine but I sure wouldn't want someone spanking/putting my child in the corner. I'd rather get a phone call to pick them up and then I'd do the "my house my rules" to my own child.

nikkiJ86 nikkiJ86

I agree. And if my kids go to someone else' s house, I tell them if my kids are acting up, you have every right to discipline them.

Kris Gamble

Some of you guys. Heaven forbid someone keep your precious little snowflake in line.

jagam... jagamama0710

Ditto to everything tinypossum said.

short... shortieber

i think it depends on the circumstances. if i kid is in my house and not following inside rules...yup i gonna discipline the way i do my kids, but outside it'd be up to their parents unless the kid is fixing to hurt my trucks, other kids, or my animals...and the parents won't do anything, i will step in.

but for the most part our friends are on the same page as we are..."our house our rules" deal. if my kids are at their friend's house they follow the parents rules, if their friend is at our house, they follow our rules. any outta line crap is dealt with by either parents.

Angie Hayes

Discipline my kid and I will discipline your ass.

nonmember avatar Dawn

My house, my rules and yes, I do discipline other people's kids. I expect that people discipline my kids if necessary when I am not there. Time outs are the method used. If a parent is there, I will give a warning and then address the parent. You as a parent and homeowner have every right to demand respect in your home.

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