8-Year-Old's Hilarious List of Why It's Great to Be a Girl Makes Us Proud

8-year-old feminist's listEven in a world that seems to be showing increasing animosity toward feminism, every now and then, along comes a glimmer of totally inspiring girl power. We've been lucky enough recently to see a couple of these: The "Who Needs Feminism?" campaign, which has given feminists worldwide the opportunity to speak up about why they support gender equality ... and an 8-year-old girl's list of reasons why it's wonderful to be female.

Apparently, Reddit user david7902's daughter was given a writing prompt that stated, "Being a female is a great gift to the universe. Here are a few wonderful things about being a girl ..." Her response?


We have veginas. We get jobs. We are creative. We have stuff that makes us preanet. We have milk in our bobes. We are smart. We have power.

Ha, so funny, right? And awesome! ROCK it, lil' feminist!

Of course people are going to wag their tongues about how this must be fake, because what 8-year-old thinks of those kinds of things on her own, but let me tell you -- I was already a card-carrying Gloria Steinem-adoring, girl power-flaunting feminist by that age, too! But even if she was encouraged to express those views, I'm all for it.

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There's never an age too young to realize and be proud of how amazing, brilliant, powerful we are as females. In fact, the younger, the better! Because a little girl who believes what it looks like this little girl does will be more prone to stand up for herself and have control over her life. And who wouldn't want their daughter to have that?

How entertaining/awesome is this?!

Image via Reddit

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