Hacking Into a School Computer to Change Your Kids' Grades Is a Major Parenting FAIL

homeworkWe all want our kids to get good grades. How else can we brag about them at dinner parties will we feel like they're being prepped for the real world? Now the big question is: how far would you go to make sure it happens? Here's hoping you'd draw the line before you get to this mom's level.

Pennsylvania cops say Catherine Venusto actually hacked into the computers at her kids' school so she could change their grades. Well, hacked is giving her a little too much credit. A former secretary of the district, apparently Venusto had a password. But still ...


I think these allegations rank her right up there on top of the "idiot parents" list, don't you? The cops say she changed her daughter's failing grade to a "medical exception," and boosted her son's 98 to a 99 (as if he REALLY needed it).

Last time I checked, the reason we're proud of our kids when they get a good grade is because it represents something worth applauding. It means they actually know the material in a certain course. And, Lord willing and the creek don't rise (seriously, I've always wanted an excuse to use that phrase), they will actually be able to put all that "learnin'" to use one day.

Go ahead and call me a hard@ss, but I actually loved that my daughter's teacher last year was tough on her. The fact that she graduated from first grade actually knowing something made up for every single homework fight. EVERY one.

I can't say I never wish a magic "perfect grade" fairy came to my house. But then I think about all those kids whose parents' brag about their kid who makes such good grades ... but the kid is really kind of a dullard because his parents' do it all. Thanks but no thanks.

What about you? Would you be tempted to help your kids inflate their grades?


Image via spiritinme/Flickr

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