10 Things Dads Do Way Better Than Moms

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Tons of laundryWhen it comes to kids, there is one things moms will always do better than dads: give birth. Okay, okay, so moms are also the best for snuggling, making boo-boos feel better, and just giving oodles and oodles of hugs and kisses. That's not to say dads don't do any of that, moms are just naturally better at it.

But nature's all about balance, right? So that means there's a boatload of things that dads are pretty good at too. And I don't just mean the stereotypical gender stuff like tossing a baseball or mowing the lawn. No. I'm talking about things that are critical to shaping a young fertile mind. Here's a look at 10 Things Dads Do Better Than Moms:

  1. Farting. Everybody does it so stop rolling your eyes and pretending you don't. Breaking wind is a rite of passage for kids and dads have no problem teaching their youngins this fine art.
  2. Sleeping in. Kids love to get up early. Thankfully dad's around to teach them the beauty of sleeping in on the weekends.
  3. Making game time decisions. Moms always bring lists with them when they go grocery shopping and apparently that actually works. But dads love to show kids that, sometimes, you just need to wing it and ignore the list, bringing home a large barrel of cheese balls and a six-pack of Yoo-Hoo.
  4. Ignoring screams. Call it patience. Call it selective hearing. Dads are masters at letting their kids scream and whine about something without even responding. Timeframe is doubled if a baseball game's on TV.
  5. Producing really cool sound effects. Whether it's a vroom, vrooom with some Hot Wheels cars or a Kerpow Kerpow with a laser gun, dads are actually born with an extra muscle in their mouth to help them create kid-style sounds.
  6. Going out to dinner.. Mom may be a master in the kitchen, but no one grabs the family and heads for takeout faster and better than dear ol' dad.
  7. Giving your kids vitamin D. With all that sunscreen moms put on their kids, they may as well be wearing overcoats. Dads just lather on a little bit here and there to make sure kids get enough vitamin D from the sun. Sunburns are unfortunately an annoying side effect.
  8. Writing your name in the snow. This one really only works for boys, but in those cold, wintry months, dads are great at showing their sons how to write their names in the snow.
  9. Creating laundry. Moms may be good at routinely washing, drying, and folding everyone's clothes, but without dad's ability to spontaneously generate loads of extra dirty clothes on the spot, there wouldn't be that much laundry for mom to do in the first place.
  10. Making stains. Think your kids are just naturally messy eaters? Uh uh. They learned to spill spaghetti sauce on the couch from the master of disaster himself.

What do you think dads are better at doing than moms?

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dynom... dynomitesmall

Cute.... But, newsflash- sunburms are way more than an annoying little side affect.

Autumn Scott

Dads are better at throwing monsters out of the house... Moms can yell all they want but there is something about a man that scares them right off!!!.

NatAndCo NatAndCo

I love and hate this. Some of these are true and really cute, some make it seem like dads arelazy boneheads. As someone who was raised by just a dad I can say that dads are wonderful at a whole lot more than "creating laundry" and "vroom vroom" noises.

nonmember avatar guest

NatandCo- so true! Just because I am the mom does not mean I am a whiz in the kitchen and my husband and I are equal partners in this house. We both work outside the home and we both parent-there may be things I am better at than him and vice versa, but so many of these articles and so many moms out there undermine and assume that Dad's are clueless when it is so not the case!

Miche... Michelephant

@NatAndCo  I agree with you, but if this author tried to compile a list that portrays him like a more equal parent then I imagine that the crazys would condemn him for thinking he's better at something than women.  And then there would be 30 comments about everyone's current or ex husband/boyfriend/sperm doner and how they are pieces of poo.

cew816 cew816

I don't really agree.  At first it made me mad, but then I saw that it was written by a father, so I backed off a little.  My hubby is amazing when it comes to helping out.  I guess I'm just lucky.

nonmember avatar Unknown

All that matters here is that dads r teaching something to their little ones. And they r having fun doing it.

nonmember avatar Paris

As a single Dad of twin 12 year old daughters, I find this list to be very demeaning to us Fathers...

I can cook, clean and hug (and anything else) with the best of em...

nonmember avatar rhonda

There's something about dads and daughters to when my daughter was little I could kiss her boo boo and she'd still whine but when daddy did it it would totally disappear or at bedtime I could rock her for an HR b4 she'd fall asleep but if daddy layer on the couch with her she'd b asleep in minutes

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