Suri Cruise's Scientology Childhood Sounds Kind of Awesome

Suri CruiseWe've been hearing a lot about how Scientology's sway over Suri Cruise was the breaking point with Katie Holmes. Word has it Scientologist handlers watched Suri's and Katie's every move, Katie couldn't discipline Suri the way she liked, and Suri had already started the bizarre "sec checking" process of being asked a bunch of wackadoodle questions while hooked up to a machine. But when it comes to being a kid Scientologist, it doesn't sound all bad. In fact, parts of it sound downright awesome.

Scientology apparently teaches parents that kids aren't mindless amoebas to be helicopter-parented into a quivering mass of future anti-depressant addiction. No, Scientology kids are treated like ADULTS. Yowsa. A Scientology expert explained in the Daily News:

[Tom and Katie] seemed to be following the Scientology philosophy that kids should make their own choices and be treated like adults.

She says this "pseudo" adulthood isn't healthy for a child and "cringes" at reports of Suri wearing high heels and makeup and staying up late with Tom and Katie as they had long dinners in restaurants.

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Apart from the high heels bit (I was a tomboy), this parenting style doesn't sound much different from what I grew up with. I didn't grow up with Scientologists, but with a hippy mother who generally treated me like an adult. Not that I didn't get into trouble on occasion, but the main rule of the house was, "Get back by dark." And that was about it.

On the other hand, I was naturally a pretty good kid. I took on paper route delivery jobs; I got good grades without trying very hard. There are other kids who probably NEED micro-parenting. But growing up with a laissez-faire mother allowed me to figure out what I wanted out of life and then go for it.

Obviously, a 6-year-old like Suri shouldn't be making all of her own decisions. But I applaud the idea of viewing children as people with their own ideas about life -- ideas that may conflict with yours. And then letting them make their own decisions and mistakes -- within reason, of course.

Now if Scientology can just do away with that E-Meter thingy.

Do you think children should be treated more like adults?


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Histo... HistoryMamaX3

I treat my children as though they are people. Smaller people that do not have a whole lot of life experience, but individuals who live life in their own manner. My job is to guide them and help them understand HOW to go about making the right choices... life around here isn't a free for-all do what you want, but I don't structure every moment of their lives. We fall somewhere in the middle. :-)

nonmember avatar Michelle

EXACTLY, HistoryMamaX3...While the concept of treating children like adults is absolutely LUDICROUS, I don't agree with helicopter parenting either. Learning comes in many forms, but most importantly EXPERIENCE. Letting my 3-year old run our house? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Allowing her to make her own choices WITHIN REASON? Absolutely. I almost feel bad for Katie...she has a six year old that she will now have to introduce to the world of discipline, which Suri (up to this point) has had NONE. Good luck, Katie!

nonmember avatar katebornstein

Treating a kid like an adult sounds good at first, but in a fundamentalist Scientology household, being an adult means pulling your share of the load. It's mostly all "Get to work, and don't use that excuse that you're 'just a kid.'" So, the idea is GREAT, but the practice is mean and bullying.

MomLi... MomLily67

I agree, our job is to help them gradually become independent people.

Sarah Elizabeth Burgess

No. I didn't have controlling parents but I certainly didn't get away with everything or grow up way to fast for my age (until my mother passed away at 12). Life teaches you lessons. I've seen friends who got to do whatever they want, still thinking they can do whatever they want and live a great lifestyle (partying, unemployment, substance abuse). All in good measure I should have a lot, A LOT of fun, but not to the point where they are spoiled or demand everything go their way. That causes a ton of upsets in adulthood when you have to have a job, go to school and pay bills. 

Worki... WorkingMom8479

How is Suri's cult-religion childhood (thankfully she was saved) compared to a childhood like the author's?

dblip... dblippert

I don't think they should be treated as adults... they don't have the maturity to handle adult situations... Treating them like people, i agree with that  seems they have their own thoughts, opinions, feeling and understandings. They just need to be guided to becomeing good adults and not just thrown into it...

suziejax suziejax

they are not adults yet they are kids,, yes with their own mind but kids needs guidance as they grow thats why they are kids and not adults yet

GoneB... GoneBad31

Really? They are treated like adults? Is that why Suri was still on a bottle at 3 years old and beyond?


tuffy... tuffymama

Nope. It's not cool to treat CHILDREN like adults. Im no helicopter mom, but i DO know where my LO is at all times. My kids are individuals, and one IS an adult now, and they earn freedoms and privileges as they prove themselves RESPONSIBLE and MATURE enough to handle them. Good for you, having a hippie mother who turned you loose. Glad you enjoyed it. That shit won't fly in this house.

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