Man's Conversation With 12-Year-Old Self Has Secret to Being the Best Parent (VIDEO)

man has convo with self at 12There are probably a lot of things you wish you could tell yourself at tender age of 12. And one man -- Jeremiah McDonald -- was able to do just that with the help of technology. A technology that existed before the Internet ... and it's not some time travel machine. It's video recording. Jeremiah at 12 was clever enough to record himself talking to his older self. What a cheeky little devil! And 20 years later 32-year-old Jeremiah responds and what ensues is one of the coolest viral videos. Young Jeremiah had some foresight that what he was doing was huge. Or maybe he's just a super creative kid with a great imagination.

But what I see in this video is more than just a cute convo between a man and his tween self, but some eye-opening parenting lessons. Life lessons we should all remember. Check it out!


So young Jeremiah knows his older self looks different, and calls himself out on it. Older Jeremiah has got himself a stiff drink and feels a little slighted his younger self thinks he looks older than 32. Can't blame him there. Then little J starts asking if Molly and Leon are still alive. I love that young J is concerned about his pets. Cynical old J tells him they are all dead. And then the young one calls his older self crazy. All older people are crazy.

And maybe we are. If you recorded a 32-year-old now so that person could talk to their 52-year-old self in 20 years, chances are they aren't going to be asking about dead pets. Many would probably be concerned with bigger things. Some things that maybe don't matter. And that's what I love about this kid -- any tween -- they care about those things. Those sometimes seemingly little things. Not that pets are little things, well, little in stature, but they are the things that matter most. They are the family pets, the "Molly" and "Leon" who gave unconditional love to J and that right there is the lesson. Love is what gets through to tweens. Unconditional love. And being able to run around the yard without a care in the world like a dog would do with their owner. That's something we parents should be doing more of with our kids.

Then older J realizes that his younger self was an aspiring artist, who drew a character named Roy, who he seemingly has forgotten about until now. Old J admits it's because he got lazy. But 12-year-old J wasn't too lazy and still drew Roy. This makes me think how we really do need to nurture the talents of our kids. Even when they stop being kids. Because our kids are still our kids even when they are adults.

Older J ends it by telling young J that if he blinks, he's dead. And he's right. Everyone says it but it's just true -- time goes by way too fast. We have to live in the moment. Draw our Roys. Love our pets. Run around in the yard with our kids. Encourage them always. And love them unconditionally.

What do you think of this video? Are you reminded of those parenting lessons from watching it, too?

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