4 Reasons to Drag the Kids Out of Bed & Go Fishing This Summer

girl and dad fishing

I woke up this morning and realized we are already well into June and started panicking. This is hands down my favorite season -- and the favorite of just about every kid in America. But there is so much to do in the summer, and so little time to do it.

We've got swimming in the creek and running in the sprinkler checked off. We've got a long weekend planned, an outdoor concert booked ... what else? Oh, right! Fishing! We haven't done that yet.

If you're wrinkling up your nose and shuddering at the fishing trip idea, you need to stop a moment and reconsider this. Even if it's just one day out on the local lake or river, fishing trips make for great family bonding. Behold:


1. Big fish stories become family legend. It has been a good 20 years since my brother went out on a boat with my grandfather and a family friend and accidentally hooked said family friend's coat ... and you better believe we make use of that story any time we can.

2. A captive audience. So, your kids are the kind who answer "what did you do today" with "nothing." Or maybe you have a teenager who stomps off and slams the door. Guess what? When it's just you and them and a little boat, there is no getting out of it. You can ask them anything. You can talk about anything. It's your time. Use it.

3. Peace and quiet. If your kid is anything like mine, they start talking when the sun comes up, and they do not stop until well after it goes down. We have contests to see how long she can go without talking, and I kid you not, she has not gone more than a minute. But there's magic in telling a kid that they have to be quiet or they'll scare away the fish ... I kid you not, it WORKS.

4. They'll go to bed early. You've heard the phrase, early to bed, early to rise? It works in the reverse too. And if you haul them out of bed for a long day out on the water, you will be able to send them off to snuggles early later that night ... which gives you back the time for bonding with your significant other that the late summer bedtimes have stolen away.

What are the big family bonding moments on your summer list?


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