5 Weirdest Things We've Seen Kids Do With Toys

Toy boxThere are times when I have myself convinced that I am raising a normal, well-adjusted child. And then I walk into her playroom, and the bizarro things she's done with her toys reminds me she's anything but normal ... and that's OK, because it makes life much more interesting.

Remember that wacky boat scene in the original Willy Wonka movie -- the good one with Gene Wilder, not the creepy one where Johnny Depp seems to be channeling a pedophile? -- that's what it's like walking into the space where a kid plays sometimes. It's this other, trippy world where stuffed animals are discovered coated in Vaseline and the floor is littered with little rubber wheels which have all been removed from plastic cars.

But fear not, we have evidence that your child is not the strangest in the land! The Stir has a whole slew of absolutely, shall we say interesting things that kiddos have done in the name of "fun" with their toys. Go ahead, laugh at them. We did!

What are the most bizarre positions you've discovered your kids toys in?


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qrex912 qrex912

My daughter loves stuffing toys into her potty (which she doesn't have any interest in using properly). And closing the lid. And checking on them periodically like shes cooking baby doll stew. It scares me.

nonmember avatar Missforth

My daughter used to stick her feet down in her stacking rings and walk around calling them skates.lol

dynom... dynomitesmall

My daughter used to line her toys up. All straight and neat and very organized. And she would just leave them there.

My son is 2 1/2 and potty training. Couple weeks ago he lifted the seat of his little fire engine riding toy and peed and pooped right inside.

Todd Vrancic

When our youngest was one, my wife's parents got him a big-wheel-type cycle.  He promptly flipped it over and started teething on the pedals.  When my wife's mother asked her how he liked his new toy, she replied, "He thinks it's delicious!"

work4... work4mickey

My son had all his green lantern toys (except the one that was coming to the rescue, of course) "tied to an electrocution table" (laying down on a shoe box). All this was being overseen by the evil general, Hello Kitty and being caried out by her evil bunny minions. After he was done, he reenacted the scene, but replaced the Hello Kitty with The smurf in the Kilt. I would've chalked this up to him needing a more villanous toy, but he has a Zurg (from toy story), and others that, while not villans, are more intimidating than Hello Kitty and her bunny minions.

Katriena Young

When I was little I use to line up all My Little Pony toys on the table to watch My Little Pony. 

javak... javakitty2011

My son has always done this sort of stuff with his toys. Lined up but without any apparent connection between items, car wheels in a pile, various toys standing in for road borders, power lines made of broken pencils stuck in the ground with string tied around them, various toy parts glued, taped or tied together. It's sometimes like the neighbor boy in Toy Story lol

Melissa Rashid

The pink Barbie car has gotten alot of play time at our house between my daughter and her toddler brother. He also loves shoes and his favorite are all her little plastic princess heels...he'll walk around in those all day !

nonmember avatar Dudley

When my daughter was very little, she would play with all of her stufties for hours. When it was time for bed, she would bring them out of her room and lie them all down on the hallway floor (that ran ~50ft). She wold take a kleenex and place it as a blanket over each one. It was very sweet for her to do, but it looked like a death camp in the morning. :)

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