Dad Attacks Elderly Lady Because She Told His Son to Stop Teasing a Goose

gooseTo say this story will ruffle your feathers is a huge understatement. According to reports, an 82-year-old woman is currently in the hospital with life-threatening injuries after being pushed to the ground by a man in a park. The reason he pushed her: Because she tried to stop his son from teasing a goose.

According to the Associated Press, it happened around 11 a.m. last Friday in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, when the woman -- who hasn't been named -- asked a young boy to stop harassing the goose. Apparently, dad didn't like anyone telling his precious son what to do, so he pushed the elderly woman down ... HARD.

What an asshole. I'm sorry, but that's about the nicest thing I can think to say about anyone who would push an elderly woman down for ANY reason. He says it was an accident, but that's a pretty rough accident.

Then there's the fact that he did it in front of his son, and taught him a big old messed up lesson, which just makes it even worse. Not to mention -- who stands by and lets their kid harass a goose? No one likes parenting advice from strangers, but there's a time and place when strangers should step in, and this sounds like it was one of them.

A few weeks ago we all watched in horror as bus monitor Karen Klein was bullied and tormented by a bunch of kids on a bus. We wondered how kids could be so cruel, and what could possibly make them act that way. Well folks, here's your answer -- their parents. Sure kids make bad choices even with the best parenting examples, and maybe those kids on the bus were some of them, but with a dad like this who pushes down an elderly lady -- the boy is being groomed to be a bully ... and worse.

It's heartbreaking really, but I refuse to believe these awful examples really represent our youth today. They are the ones that get held up as examples, but I see too many good kids on a day-to-day basis, kids being kind and polite and doing the right thing to despair too much. We may not grab the headlines, but for every dad like this, there are plenty more parents who work hard to teach our kids the right things, and who would actually thank anyone who tried to stop our kid from harassing a goose.

What would you do if a stranger chided your child for doing something they shouldn't do?


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abra819 abra819

this pisses me off!!!!!!!!

the4m... the4mutts

I HATE when people give unsolicited "help". Hate it. And I've been known to tell them to fuck off, depending on what they said, or their attitude about it.

But to physically harm someone? Never. Especially not an old lady. I cannot fathom someone having children with a man who disrespects an elderly person, or would have a physical altercation over words from a stranger.

What a complete asshole! I hope he goes to jail.

kiri8 kiri8

It takes a village to raise a child.  This guy clearly wasn't doing his job as a parent, and I think it is okay that this woman stepped in.  If you don't like what someone has to say, shrug it off and ignore it. 

Saying "f*** off" is just one step on the way to ugliness, violence, and nastiness.  I would never, ever tell a stranger that, especially if they were (misguided or not) trying to help. 

butte... butterflyfreak

I'm with you the4mutts! I'm usually too polite to tell them to fuck off, although I would if they pushed the issue. I don't mind so much if my daughter's doing something actually dangerous, but I pay attention so chances are, I would say something and remove her from the situation before anyone can say anything. But it's never ok to get physical with someone, unless they are actually trying to harm your child. But to push someone down for telling your kid to stop harrassing animals? Not cool! I mean, really, the lady was looking out for the kid because geese have been known to attack people when they get pissed off. She was probably just afraid that the kid was going to provoke them and get attacked.

ghost... ghostbaby

I wouldn't tell someone to fuck off if they told my kid to stop harrassing a wild animal. Thats just stupid. As a responsible adult, you should tell someone to stop harrassing an animal. Its not right. The father is an idiot for allowing his son to behave like that and needs to be locked up for putting his hands on her. There was no reason for him to touch her.

Stama... Stamatina79

There is NO EXCUSE for letting a child harrass any animal! If the kid is teasing a goose and dad isn't telling him to stop, I absolutely would speak up. That dad was wrong on so many levels.... That kid is misguided and likely to grow up to be a douche like his dad.

nonmember avatar American Expat

I find it amusing that most of the commenters on the linked story in the People's Democratic of Kalifornia are all supporting this man. Some really big internet tough guys in Kalifornia, bragging how they would also beat up an old person lol.


And of course if the lady hadn't told the kid to stop the headline would be: elderly lady stands by as bird maims young boy.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

What goes around comes around and being rude to a strangers advice, no matter how dumb the advice is, or ill timed isn't a good lesson. Just be kind and gracious. That's what our kids need to learn.

And yes, I'll reprimand another person's child if they won't. I taught for years and just do it without a second thought- but usually by saying "I bet your mommy wouldn't want you to do ____" I can intervene w politeness.

PonyC... PonyChaser

If the lady hadn't said anything and the goose bit the kid, the dad probably would have looked for someone to blame there, too. People like him tick me off.

And you know, I'm "one of those moms" - I'll interact with your kid. I'll get down in the sandbox and play with them, push them on the swings if they ask, help them up when they fall. And yes, if they're doing something stupid, like chasing a goose that could very well turn around and give him a piece of her bill, I'm gonna say something to them. I stopped a bunch of punks playing football at the pool last week, when they were throwing the ball over the heads of 2-year-olds, for Pete's Sake.

Frankly, I'm GLAd when another parent is watching out for my kid. I can't be everywhere at once. I might get distracted, and if you tell him to stop doing something that I don't notice, fine. I'll probably back you up. He needs to learn that I am not the only authority in his life, and, as a kid, it's his job to listen to, and respect, ALL adults.

Except this jackass dad. What the hell?

the4m... the4mutts

My kids behave, so unsolicited advice is usually bullshit, and the things I've been told, deserved a fuck off. I guarantee it.

My kids don't torment animals, or screw around in public.

I had some jackass that tried telling me that covering with a blanket to nurse would turn my son into a pervert. So yah, he got a "fuck off and mind your own business, freak"

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