American Girl Introduces Bald Doll for Kids With Cancer to Cuddle

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Bald American GirlIf I've learned anything from my daughter when she pages through a toy store catalog, it's that kids like to have toys that look like them! And now all the little kids who were forced to go bald -- from cancer or some other disease -- have a new friend in the folks at American Girl.

The company has introduced its first ever bald doll for kids to cuddle! They come in a variety of skin tones so every kid gets one who looks just like them. Oh, and if you've already shelled out the mega bucks to get your kiddo an American Girl doll that has locks, they'll retro-fit the body with a new hairless head. How cool is that?

Of course we've already heard that Mattel is giving kids Bald Barbie sometime in the next year, so this isn't exactly breaking ground, but that doesn't make this announcement from American Girl any less noteworthy. I say the more the merrier!

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This is just want kids want. If you don't believe me, let me just relate a revelation I had during the "girly" LEGO debate a few months back. When I asked my daughter why she liked them, she didn't talk about the pink that had parents all up in arms. She just wanted minifigures that looked LIKE HER. Can you blame her?

I look at bald dolls much the way I do multicultural dolls. The more the toys on the shelves represent the many different kids who will be playing with them, the better message we are sending to our kids. It's a subtle way to teach kids that being "different" doesn't make them weird. That applies to the kid who plays with something that looks like them ... and it applies to other kids too.

As humans, that which is different scares us. So imagine the daycare that stocks a bald American Girl or bald Barbie. Those kids will -- hopefully -- be more likely to encounter a bald child in the future and react with kindness. Because to them, baldness will be familiar.

Will you be buying a bald American Girl for a kid in your life?


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-Stra... -Strawberry-

The only other thing I would like to see come out of this, is to make the doll more affordable to lower income people. 

Freela Freela

That's cool!  Good for them!

Misty... Misty.Dawn

i think this is an AWESOME idea! Both of my bffs got cancer in their early 20s but its amazing for the kids who get it way younger. Iagree with Strawberry though, wish they were more affordable :(


I love American Girl dolls. I've gotten my granddaughter 3 of them and she treats them like they're real people and I have no doubt she'll have them forever and someday find a place in her home to show them. They are expensive but they're something she'll have forever. She's 12 now and starting to outgrow them but they sit in her room at their table having a "tea party."

FOR SURE I'd buy a bald one. FOR SURE. I think this is great. Variety is the spice of life. I love that more and more companies are doing this. American Girl has had "different" accesories for years. Wheelchairs, canes, glasses and the like. I think they're a really good company and they know how important dolls are to little girls. 

nonmember avatar kaerae

Girls with alopecia would appreciate this too, millions of girls who will never have hair.

nonmember avatar zizzler

I don't know....if I was blad I wouldn't want a bald doll, just like if I had acne or a hairy mole or something like that, I wouldn't seek out a doll with those features. I think making dolls too realistic and trying to imitate a child's specific appearance is unhealthy because it blurs the line between pretend play and real life. A doll is supposed to be a fantasy creature, not a 'real person, just like me', because that seems to encourage girls to compare themselves to dolls even more. It's fine when your kid has a doll with a reasonable appearance, but what happens when she later sets her sights on Barbie and Bratz and thinks "wait a minute, why don't I look like THIS doll?"

Laura Jerpseth

Why does it matter, hair or no hair?

We are all people.

Laura Jerpseth

I suppose I am trying to say that the appearnce of a doll should not matter.


It's comforting to a child to have a doll "like them" Laura.

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