Breastaurants Offer a Fun-Filled Dining Experience for the Whole Family!

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tilted kiltWould you take your family to a breastaurant? Not familiar with the term? Well, it’s not exactly a restaurant made exclusively for moms who breastfeed, if that was what you were thinking. Though wouldn’t that be wonderful? A restaurant with comfortable gliders in dim lit recesses of the room so that moms could breastfeed their babies in relative comfort while having dinner with the rest of the family. Now, that would be a good idea.

Unfortunately, a breastaurant is a restaurant that sells its food with the gimmick that if you come into the establishment you will be greeted by a bevy of scantily clad, beauties with great breasts a la Hooters, Twin Peaks and the Tilted Kilt. See, definitely does not have anything to do with breastfeeding.

There has been a recent mini-boom of the popularity of the breastaurant with new establishments like Twin Peaks and the Tilted Kilt. These joints are trying to up the ante on Hooters by offering more extensive menus, versatile costumes and even trying to class up the joint. Tattoos, piercings and outrageously dyed hair will not be tolerated. Hey, you with your tits hanging out, cover up that tattoo! It’s gaudy. You want people to think you're trashy?

These types of places used to cater exclusively to men but apparently with the new menu and family-friendly atmosphere, it’s perfectly normal to see men with their kids having lunch. (I bet Daddy didn't tell Mommy where he was taking the kids for lunch that day).

I don’t consider myself a prude but honestly, I’m not crazy about the idea of my husband comparing my assets to the cute co-ed in the push-up bra. Isn’t that what strip clubs are for? I’ve breastfed for God’s sake. I’d prefer that my husband just buy me the costume. I’ll shove my tits in his face and gladly accept a tip other than just the standard slap on the ass. Mama needs some new shoes.

I don’t care how good the food is. With all the T & A flying around, I am sure we’d all be too distracted to eat anything.

Would you take your family to a breastaurant if the food was great and the prices were good?

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I'd like to know where all the people are that insist breasts aren't "sexual?" And if men's breasts are the same, where's the beefcake?

Aeris... AerisKate

Nope. Never been to one and don't plan to go. 

puasa... puasaurusrex

If the food was GOOD and not in that "Omg, Hooter's wings taste soooo good, but they really taste like dog asshole, but the chicks there are semi-hot, but not really because they all kind of look like they were rode hard and put away wet" kind of way, and the women there were actually WORTH looking and the prices were Applebee's-ish, sure, why the hell not?

Lovin... LovinJerseyMama

^she nailed my thoughts on the topic

Venae Venae

If a baby was attached to one of those breasts, it would be obscene and the girl would be asked to leave.  But this is perfectly acceptable.


cecil... cecilmansmom

Would you take your family to a breastaurant if the food was great and the prices were good?



the4m... the4mutts

Yes I would. I don't care what waiters/waitresses look like, or what they wear. I don't like hooters, their wings SUCK imo.

But tilted kilt, I like. The food is good, they have games, an outdoor patio with heaters so you can hang out outside, or smoke, or be loud. The service has been good every time I've gone.

T&A doesn't matter to me. I like themed sports bar type places.

Would I take my kids? NOPE.

But only because there are far too many people in there getting shit faced drunk. The patrons are not kid friendly.

the4m... the4mutts

Oh, and for breasts not being sexual? Idk about that. I'm bisexual, so I like them. I also like legs, backs, and a nice face. Breasts or some butt cheeks are no different than any other body part. They shouldn't have to be modestly covered.

Since its a sports bar tho, its best to not be topless because of hot foods, sanitation issues, crowded areas where alcohol is served, etc. Plus, the patrons, male or female, aren't allowed to have their shirts off, but everyone can be skantilly clad, so its not discrimination in any way.

amazz... amazzonia

I once went to hooters with my husband thinking to find almost naked woman....when went in we both laughed on how dressed the waitress were....I really don't see anything scandalous on how they are dressed

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