Coolest Parents Ever Flash Mob Schoolyard of Embarrassed Kids (VIDEO)

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Showing off how cool they really are, a bunch of teachers and parents of kids from P.S. 10 in Park Slope surprised the schoolyard with a flash mob. Even the principal and assistant principal got in on the act -- they are the two ladies in the video with the red boas.

At first some of the kids looked shocked. Like, what the heck is going on?! Others were smiling. Some have no expression, perhaps searching the flash mob for their mom or dad in fear. But then it turned into an all-out dance party, and like every time I watch one of these flash mobs, I got all teary-eyed. Don't laugh. I have no idea why. When I get happy, I cry. This made me happy. Prepare to get happy!

If you live in New York City, you probably know that Park Slope parents get a lot of flack. People pick on the stroller scene, the fact parents want to bring kids into bars. Now, I'm in the Cobble Hill section but my fellow Brooklyn parents don't deserve any of it. Bars are restaurants here, people! And it's not like we're bringing babies in at 1 a.m for a vodka tonic.

I feel like this video is redemption! Way to go, Park Slope parents! What a great bonding moment to end the school year.

Would you ever do a flash mob at your kid's school? What a celebration this one turned out to be, right?

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fraoch fraoch

My oldest wants to flash mob her grad ceremony, sooooo bad LOL We thought about doing it at Kennywood too sometime just to see what happens.

Bonnie Bruns Williams

I thought that was great!! I would SO do this at my kids school!!


undrc... undrcvrmom

I LOVE a flash mob.  It is one of my dreams to get caught in one someday!

storm... stormcloud

I wonder how long they practiced? Really cool!

Cafe Amy Cafe Amy

That's pretty awesome. kudos to the parents!

Brea Horton

Awesome!! Awesome!! Awesome!!! I love it!!!! What a wonderful idea!!!

runne... runnergirl888

That's pretty cool! And I love like they all aren't dancing like they've been professionally trained...I've always wanted to do a flash mob, but I feel like I'd be the one person that would screw the whole thing up, haha

Lesli... Lesliemom2mzjm

you're right, by the time the kids joined in I was tearing up for some reason...cute.


missy... missybest

OK, I cried too!  Loved it, loved it, loved it!  We need to find more ways to bring joy back to kids and families - together!

javak... javakitty2011

music choise and dancing to start out was terribly boring and I was just getting ready to hit the stop button when boom boom started. they should have started with that

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