Baby Food 'Pouches' for Big Kids: Taking Lazy to a New Level

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fruits and veggiesPouches of food for your 4-, 5-, and 6-year-olds, are the newest craze in “baby” food. Funny, I thought it was called baby food because it was meant for babies. But some food manufacturers think that kids shouldn't actually have to actually chew their fruits and veggies anymore, but rather should just sit back and suck veggie or fruit mush out of a pouch. They attribute the popularity of "food pouches" to free-range parenting.

Psst ... free-range parenting isn't about throwing pouches of astronaut food at kids so they can suck at will.

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If anything, free-range parenting is old school parenting, the way our parents parented us. They put food on the table and if we ate it we weren't hungry, if we didn't we were free to eat the remainder of it at the next meal. It was anti-helicopter parenting. It was turning us loose to make choices that had consequences. It taught us independence not that the world would bend at our will. These pouches are not teaching independence, it’s teaching kids that the world revolves around them.

Do these people think 4-year-olds can’t chew these days? Are we trying to brain wash all the kids into thinking they are astronauts? Or perhaps we are afraid they will chip a tooth or put some wear and tear on those teeth? What’s next, putting kids in bubbles so that they don’t risk scrapes and bruises? I don’t know about you but my daughter could chew up a steak and bite through her sibling at the age of four.

I think the ideal of food in a pouch is ridiculous. Have we become so lazy that we no longer have time to parent our children or even spend the time supervising them when they eat so that they don’t choke? Take a minute and teach them how to chew up their food and swallow. Have we decided to pass on lazy as an ethic and entitlement as a virtue by giving our kids food that will not require any chewing on their behalf? Or are we simply trying to convey the message that we don’t think our children are capable of doing the most menial of tasks? Can’t we all just spend a little more time with our children and sit still for a moment while they chew their fruit with their actual teeth?

I promise, your child’s teeth will not break on impact from the apple against their teeth.  

What do you think of giving your six-year-old pouches of mashed food on the go? Would you give it to your child?

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banan... banana-bear

I think you are far too angry about food pouches.....

nonmember avatar kari

ridiculous and stupid rant article! if you have a picky kid, then you know how much fruit buddies can be life savers. my 3 year old daughter gobbles them up. hell, i think it's a great way to complete your daily food rainbow. i even eat them from time to time. they taste good! even better when you put them in the fridge!

nonmember avatar Nicole

A cash register lady gave me shit once for buying those for my 18 month old. You remind me of her. It's a simple quick snack that they can it safely in the car or in between meals on the go. I'd rather that than a bag of chips or whatnot. #richwhitegirl problems

nonmember avatar Emily

Ok, what in the world is wrong with you? Don't you realize that there is enough fueling the "mom wars" without you adding your ridiculous opinions on - of all things- food pouches? Are you really wanting to fan that flame with such drivel? Do I agree with pouches? No, not really. BUT I also have kids who will willingly eat veggies 75% of the time. If I were a parent trying desperately to get my kids to eat healthier and this was an option you bet I would try it. AND WHO ARE YOU TO MAKE ANYONE FEEL BAD ABOUT TRYING FOR THEIR KIDS? This article, to me, is worse than food in pouches. Its mean.

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

This is such a waste of an article.... use em if u want to or dont. We dont. But u dont see me griping about them. There are some 4 year olds that cant chew food or have sensory issues that these pouches may be life savers for there parents. Did u think about that? Not all 4 5 6 year olds r able to eat normal foods.

Todd Vrancic

The pouches might be good for snacks on car trips if you want to avoid a mess in the car.  For regular day-to-day life, not so much.  My opinion only.

TLVitale TLVitale

I may not be your target, bc my daughter is only just about to turn 2, but you clearly don't have picky eaters for children. My daughter will eat all of three things, except she loves these pouches and it's the only way she's getting some of the nutrients she needs. Plus, yes, it is easy and convenient and can be eaten on the go. Hopefully when she's older, she'll be more open to new and different foods, and we won't need these, but for now, they are absolute life savers. I think this blog is exactly what's wrong with our world and why the mommy wars exist. People making snap judgements on other families without knowing what's really going on.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Do you also object to applesauce when it's served in a bowl? Lots of kids eat applesauce as a snack, you see it all the time in lunch boxes. The pouches just mean they don't need a spoon. Teachers love them because they're a clean way for kids to have a healthy snack. Cups of sauce are messy. Whole fruit is sticky and stinks up the classroom with every kid dumping cores and peels in the trash. Pouches are easy to open, easy to seal.

nonmember avatar Eva

I agree! I hate food pouches. When I was younger, we ate what my mother lovingly cooked for us with a smile on our faces or we didn't eat. I had a day and a half stand off over mushrooms when I was 5, lost the battle, and now I love them. It makes me sad that people would call CPS on my parents today.

I don't understand how an apple or banana or orange is any less on-the-go than a food pouch. I don't think pouches are the end of the world or anything, just stupid. I'd rather people feed their kids pouches than happy meals though so whatever.

peanu... peanutsmommy1

They have been a WONDERFUL way to get my picky child to have some fruit in his school lunches. Dont we as moms have bigger issues to deal with? I swear The Stir is turning into a tabloid piece of trash....

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