Woman's Quest for 'World's Biggest Breasts' Could Leave 6 Children Motherless

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lacey wilddLacey Wildd (Paula Simonds), a mother of six and "Glamour model" (whatever the hell that means), has decided to undergo her lucky number 13 cosmetic surgery procedure to augment her already size L-cup breasts up to a whopping size MMM-cup. She says she won’t stop getting breast augmentations until she is the largest breasted woman in the world.

Think of her as the Godzilla of tits, if you will; causing mayhem and destruction everywhere she goes. Fans mob the Miami mom every time she hits the beach in a bikini, even when her kids are with her. Can you imagine being a teenager and walking around with your mom who purposely tries to look like a Barbie balloon in the Macy’s Day parade?

There are a lot of moms out there who do a lot of crazy shit; myself included. Alicia Silverstone, I’m talking to you. After all, we are only human. I’m sure there are people out there who think that I am a crazy mom for how I raise my kids, never mind the fact that I write about it. After all, I don’t have a Ph.D. in Mommying. It’s okay; we all have our crosses to bear and we all have our own flavor of crazy. Every once in awhile comes a special kind of crazy that makes everyone stand up and take notice, especially when crazy is trumping the well-being of said mom’s children. Lacey Wildd, I am talking to you sister!

Honestly, I couldn’t care less how monstrous another woman wants to make her breasts. Live and let live and all that BUT (and it’s a big one) couldn’t all these surgeries pose some potential health risks? Four of Lacey Wildd's six children still live at home and are under the age of 18. What happens when she dies on the table? Or becomes disabled from all these surgeries? She is risking tearing, stretching and infection that could possibly kill her? Who will take care of her children then?

It’s bad enough that Ms. Wildd is setting such a bad example, as evident by the fact that one of her older daughters is starting her own journey into Frankenboob land; the younger ones are embarrassed by their mom’s ginormous tatas and are ridiculed by schoolmates.

Forget for a moment that she is starting to look like a freak and the fact that she is probably suffering from some really low self-esteem issues, she says she is doing this so that she can provide financially for her children. I wonder, who does she think is going to take care of those same children if she dies and they are motherless?

When you’re a mom is extreme cosmetic surgery too risky?

Image via CNN

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Jenny... JennyG0929

The title is misleading, there is the same risk she would leave her children motherless having the implants removed.

I have more of an issue with the doctor that will do these surgeries. What happened to "First do no harm"?

bills... billsfan1104

What idiot doctor thinks it is ok to do this?

nonmember avatar teener

This woman and her daughter belong in mental institutions. This is just sick.

nonmember avatar blh

Wth is she thinking? Does she not realize how stupid she looks? If that was my mom id be embarrassed to be seen with her.

Ahyb Ahyb

Why is it the doctor's fault? I don't think we should have to "baby proof" everything. She is a grown women. She can make her own choices. Also, the risks for losing her children listed are the same with any surgery. Title is misleading. 

nonmember avatar HappyDad

Teen boys and men who never grew up will find this attractive, but most of us guys who somehow managed to grow up want breasts that are properly proportioned and don't look like oranges (or in this case, watermelons) glued to some chicks chest. Big boobs are great, but this is just a joke, a very sad joke.

Jespren Jespren

I have to disagree, the risks of her losing her life and her children are *not* the same as for any other surgery. This is not a benefit vs reward balance here. She's not balancing the *need* to remove a tumor, repair an injury, fix a diseased organ etc against the risks of surgery, she's having an 100% *elective* surgery done, in essence balancing the risk of surgery against 'i want'. That's a huge difference between 'i need'. That this woman has mental issues should be utterly apparent to anyone and any doctor obliging her with unecessary and elective surgery to further encourage her mental issues is unethical and deserves their license yanked. Does this all mean she's an unfit mother, no, not by itself, just because she *is* taking these risks and is clearly having problems doesn't mean she can't care properly for her kids. But pretending there is no problem helps no one, not her, not the doctors involved, and certainly not her children.

nonmember avatar NavyWife

"Godzilla of tits"....omg I am going to be laughing about that all day!!

Speaking from experience, having large boobs isn't pleasant at all. I went from a 40F to a 38/40 C/D (depending on the brand). The surgery saved my back and my self-esteem. Why any women would want a huge chest is beyond me.

jalaz77 jalaz77

She really is pathetic and teaching her children that you can fix anything when in fact you can't. Just looking at her is proof. Very misleading.

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