2 Moms Can't Get Kids Out of Bed Any Easier Than 1 Mom Can (VIDEO)

mya and her moms"You need to get up now. It's time to get up." "5 more minutes!" "Go ahead, brush your teeth." "Are you brushing your teeth?" Boy, can I ever relate to the second episode of CafeMom Studios' Mya and Her Moms, which is all about the family's "morning routine." Which, except for the part about there being 2 moms and 1 kid in Mya's house and 1 mom and 2 kids in my house, is pretty much identical to my family's "morning routine."

My part goes a little something like this: "Time to get up!" "Did you hear me, time to get up?!" "Why are you just sitting there staring into space? Eat your cereal!"


Why is it so dang hard to drag kids out of bed in the morning?!

Although I must say, Mya's moms (Laura and Lisa) have a lot more patience with their little sleepyhead than I do with mine, at least some days. No raised voices, no threats along the lines of "Oh, I'll take you to school in your pajamas -- don't think I won't!"

Thank god summer vacation is here.

Do you have a hard time getting your kid out of bed in the morning?

Image via CafeMomStudios/YouTube

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