10 (Partly Selfish) Reasons Summer Camp Rocks

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I was never much of a summer camp kid. I went, every summer, from around the age of 8 or so, but I never really got into it. While I loved the idea of camp, I kind of just preferred being home where I could do what I wanted, on my own schedule. When I was old enough for overnight camp, I went, but never with a smile on my face. I was the one who sent home the weepy letters and made my parents visit me so much more often than they would have liked. I just didn’t get it.

For the first time this year, all three kids wanted to go to day camp. Off they went last week, armed with extra sunscreen and water. Turns out I have three camp kids on my hands, and as a grown up, I freaking LOVE summer camp. Why?

1. The kids come home starving. They don't even have the energy to complain about what I've made for dinner, they just shut up and eat.

2. They don't need daily baths. Well, if you count the pool as a bath like me, I mean.

3. They're away from computer/TV all day long, so I don't feel guilty about letting them watch a show (or three) at bedtime.

4. I'm no longer a chauffeur. Their camp has bus service, which means I have the day off. It's beautiful.

5. They're making new friends. They have some great school friends, but a change of scenery is always nice. For me, I mean. I was getting pretty sick of those old punks.

6. They're getting to be better swimmers which means I am less neurotic with them at the pool.

7. They glow. Not in a worrisome way, just in a sun-kissed golden way which is far more attractive than pasty white.

8. They smile for pictures. It's impossible for me to snap decent pictures of my kids, but they're all grins for the staff photographer.

9. They're tired. I mean, dead tired. They go to bed early and sleep hard.

10. They're happy. And, you really can't beat that.

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Justa... Justamom283

I'm with you except for not needing daily baths. My kids come home smelling like a mixture of sweat, paint, chlorine, and sunscreen everyday.

bills... billsfan1104

This one is so much better than the hateful one by a fellow blogger.

I agree with all of them.

dynom... dynomitesmall

I agree with all but the "glow" one... That one is a little offensive.

seaho... seahorsesiren

I agree with billsfan. The other post on summer camps said we basically hate our children if we sent them to camp. I was rather offended by that especially since I had loved summer camp when I was younger. I knew my parents sent me there so I could have fun and make friends and learn and experience new things. Once my son is old enough i will definitely send him to camp

MrsCh... MrsChurch

My daughter LOVES summer camp!

Lynn Train-brown

I SO wish we had camp I the UK, it seems to be a US thing, but my DD would love it

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