Cruel Kids Make Elderly School Bus Monitor Cry Because She's 'Fat' (VIDEO)

bus monitorFull disclosure: This video of kids harassing an elderly school bus monitor is so disturbing, I couldn't even watch the whole thing. It takes a lot -- a LOT -- for me to say this, considering the bullies on the bus don't look any older than 11 or 12, but somebody needs to beat some sense into those kids. Because they're horrible, malicious creatures who deserve to experience physical pain for the horrible, malicious things they said to this poor old woman.

For a full 10 minutes they taunt the bus monitor for being "fat" and "disgusting." They curse and swear, ripping apart every aspect of the woman's appearance: "Look at those ugly-a** ears. You can see the sweat dripping down her face." They're relentless, even after the woman starts crying. What the hell is wrong with these kids?!

And I hate to be obvious with my next question, but what the hell is wrong with their parents?! What these kids did to this woman goes beyond "misbehaving" or "not respecting elders." This is like Lord of the Flies-level "bullying," for lack of a better word. It's like these kids are possessed or, perhaps more accurately, like they have no soul at all. I don't understand how it ever entered into their heads to be so incredibly mean to another human being (who, as far as we can tell, was just sitting there minding her own business)? If either one of my kids ever did something like this, I don't think I'd ever sleep again -- just lie awake at night for the rest of my life wondering what I did wrong.

I am truly at a loss here. Disgusted, confused, and just ... sad.

See how much of this video you can bear to watch:

Why do you think these kids were so cruel to the bus monitor?

Image via CapitalTrigga/YouTube

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nonmember avatar mplo

It's not always related to the parents, unfortunately. When I was growing up going to school (all during most of the 1950's and 1960's), I knew kids who were bullies who had decent parents, who were at their wit's end because they weren't able to manage their kids. On the other hand, however, I also knew other bullies who came from families where the parents were real "law-and-order" parents, so the kids (not that there's an excuse for bullying, in either case!) would rebel and act out when and wherever they could, and school was all too often the milieu that kids from law-n-order families chose to rebel and act out.

Many, if not most of those kids did get their karma when they got older, ending up as alcoholics or drug addicts, or became mean, nasty adults. Even snubbing and ostracizing and excluding from social circles, parties, etc, when it happens on a constant basis, can and will do a ton of lifelong damage to a kid or an adult.

nonmember avatar mplo

A lot of teenagers AND adults also act like that towards anybody who really does differ in some way or other from the so-called "norms" in our society. One summer, years ago, when I was in college, I worked at a sweater warehouse down by Boston's waterfront, near South Station, and also abutted a tough white working-class Boston neighborhood.

Later that summer, a young man, a Senior at UMass/Boston, came to work at the same same warehouse. Because this particular guy clearly was different in that he acted differently than most people, many of the guys who were from the nearby neighborhood, who were uneducated, with no skills and worked at the warehouse year around to support themselves and their families, made fun of and teased this young man unmercifully. Occasionally one or two of the women would tell the guys not to tease him, but that fell on deaf ears.

The young man did some rather bizarre stuff that left him open to this kind of cruel baiting by these guys and was often unaware that he was being mocked and mistreated by these lower-class men, which was equally unfortunate. The young man who was the victim of all the baiting was eventually fired.

There were other college students besides myself there, and these guys teased everybody to some degree or other, but we were able to sort of laugh it off. Sometimes the teasing was funny, but the teasing that these guys directed at this particular young man with obvious differences had a nastier edge.

nonmember avatar mplo

Unfortunately, many teenagers and adults, too, act in that same nasty way towards people with obvious differences from the so-called 'norms" in our society. I saw plain evidence of this one summer, years ago, while in college, while working at a warehouse down near a tough white working-class Boston neighborhood. Later in the summer, a young man who was a Senior at UMass/Boston, came to work at the same warehouse. He clearly had some sort of problem(s), which made him open to cruel baiting and teasing by many of the men from the neighborhood, who worked at the warehouse year around to support their famillies. While these guys teased everybody (myself included, along with other college/high school students), the teasing that this young college man was regularly subject to had a much nastier edge. He was eventually fired. I felt sorry for the young man, because he clearly had problems, and felt that latching onto people's differences and bullying them was/is wrong.

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