Little Girl Has Lesbian Moms & Shares Her Happy Life (VIDEO)

mya and her moms

What makes a family? Laura, her partner Lisa, and their 8-year-old daughter Mya are proof that you can have a family without a mom AND a dad -- in fact, the only essential ingredient in making a family is love. Seems obvious, right? Not to everybody, unfortunately. There are still plenty of people who look at Laura, Lisa and Mya as more of a curiousity than a family. Comparisons are made, says Lisa, to what people call "traditional" families. But she doesn't think her family isn't like or unlike traditional families ...

"Our family is two people who are devoted to each other, who respect each other, who love each other ... who brought a child into the world and both people give 100% to that child," she says.

Not only does that sound like a family, that sounds like an amazing family. Every child should be as lucky as Mya!

Do you know any families like Mya, Laura and Lisa?

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nonmember avatar Tennessee

Every child needs a father. No , I'm not a hateful bigot. That's just my opinion. This is disgusting!

dreab... dreabug23

Different strokes for different folks. Deal with it Tennessee.

tnyangel tnyangel

They were heartwarming, sweet and their child is happy and appears well adjusted. I wish them well and I wish them equality.

nonmember avatar Andrea

Children are raised without fathers all the time. This child has two loving parents, whether or not one of them has a penis has no bearing on the child's development, happiness and love of life, obviously. If you have to include "I'm not a hateful bigot" you probably are.

AliNo... AliNoelle

Tennessee you simply cannot say that you are not a hateful bigot then say something hateful and bigoted. You completely contradicted yourself.

Every family is different and this family is just that. A family who loves eachother.

nonmember avatar Nikole

Sounds like an amazing family. And a lucky little girl to have people who truly care for her.

And Tennessee, I'm not a lesbian but my sons father isn't in the picture. And he isn't lacking in any way from that. He is a happy, thriving little boy. Do you even have children? I'd almost bet no. And probably no experience with child psychology either. There have been studies done. And so long as the one parent the child has isn't abusive or otherwise unfit, there is no effect on the child not having a father figure.

nonmember avatar Tami

You know what disgusts me, Tennessee? That people like you make others think our beautiful state is full of ignorant bigots.

In answer to the question, I DO know families like this. And they have kind, well-behaved, well-adjusted kids. One mom even headed up our school's PTO......

Tara Bryant

i have a best friend of 14 yrs she is the best friend i could ever ask for and it just happens that she is in a same sex relationship with a woman who is very sweet and they are very happy together and in about a yr they are going to have a baby and they are also foster parents and i could be happier for them its thier choice thier lives and no one has the right to tell them they are wrong

wyote... wyotechangel

i was raised in a 2 mom family with my little bro! my dad killed himself when i was almost 4 and my bro 2 he killed himself in our family home when my mom left, they fought and and dad broke things it was a bad life! he shot him self with my brother and i alone in the house, thank god we didnt die there with him! but after my dads death my mom met my step mom who raised us and loved us! and to add i didnt need a dad i wanted mine around but it didnt happen that way now i graduated college at 21 and have a perfect family and my little bro serves our country! not bad kids if my dad was still around i would of been different!

nonmember avatar Brenda

This is a loving family! You can tell the little girl is happy, loved, and well taken care of. As someone above stated you don't have to have a father in a child's life. I was married once and had a child and now divorced. I met the love of my life 10 years ago but events didn't allow us to be together until now. I ended up being a single mom for 8 years and the father is in and out of his life, and i believe that hurts a child more then having two mothers or two fathers. She is the best thing that ever walked back into our lives. My son even says he is happy that we are together. He has told his teachers at school how much he loves his two mommys. We also plan on getting married soon and having another child, and our son said he wanted to be in the wedding and that he wants a little brother and a little sister. My point is that what makes a family is love not male female!

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