Mom Gives 6-Year-Old Daughter Drug-Laced Sandwich for Lunch

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Lunch sandwichC’mon moms, admit it: aren’t you sometimes tempted to slip illegal drugs into your kids’ school lunches? You know, just to help them relax a bit or, alternatively, give them a little boost of energy when they’re dragging in the midday? No? Then it must be Torina Gutierrez who’s crazy as all hot hell. The Texas mother of one is accused of sprinkling angel dust, also known as PCP, across the meat in her daughter’s sandwich. The heck?

As a result, the poor 6-year-old was walking around having hallucinations and talking to herself at school. When teachers confronted her to find out what in the world her malfunction was, she told them that her sandwich had “tasted like fireworks.” A little digging around for details about the homefront revealed that both she and her mother were positive for PCP.

This is one of those cases where Child Protective Services actually come off as heroes. They have since taken the little girl from her mother, which I’m sure is traumatizing for her. But it can’t be more traumatizing than a mother knowingly lacing her first grader’s food with illegal drugs, even if mama is on drugs herself. There are plenty of drug abusers raising children—much to our chagrin—who still don’t directly impose their habit on their kids. I mean, the kids may be suffering for any number of other reasons, but sabotaged food is a new one.

This just goes to show once again with big ol’ neon flashing letters: not everyone is equipped to be a parent. But the scary part is, they can usually pop out as many little ones as they want to. Biology and civil liberty make them unstoppable.

Fortunately, her daughter is OK and the effects of her little involuntary acid trip were short-term. With her child in a safe place, Gutierrez is facing up to two years in prison and a $10,000 fine. I’m not sure if that’ll hit her hard enough to make her kick her habit or turn her life around, but it’ll certainly give her plenty of time to think about the stupidest parenting mistake ever.

Do you think the children of known drug abusers—even functional ones—should automatically be removed from their homes, no questions asked?

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nonmember avatar Em

Should all children of drug users automatically be removed? Who's going to pay for that? And where exactly will they go? To all those foster families just hanging around??

the4m... the4mutts

In an ideal world with tons of funding, and readily available SAFE foster homes, I would say yes. Drugs are the 2nd most disgusting thing a parent can do. The 1st being to harm their child intentionally in ny way. Oh, and I don't include pot in the "drug" category.

But, since we can't feasably do that, they DO need to force these disgusting druggies into rehab, and closely monitor them afterwards. If the child needs to go to a temporary group home in the meantime, so be it. Most children, however, have extended family who could care for them.

Either way, almost anything is better than living with some strung out coke whore.

Btw, there's no such thing as a "functioning" druggy.

nonmember avatar AMcB

My druggy parents were 'functional' to the eyes of the world. Well, I guess they had to have been since nobody stepped in to help me out. I raised myself and wish I could have had a childhood. That said... the horror stories I've heard about foster homes & being 'in the system' doesn't sound much better. As a 35 year old woman I know my parents loved me and wouldn't have chosen me to live through the things I did. But I am the strongest person I know. And, surprisingly my mother has been clean for just over a year now. Our relationship is renewing & evolving. We definitely couldn't have had that if I'd been taken away. I'm so torn on this question. IF the children could be guaranteed a TRUE childhood of being cared for and protected and hopefully loved then YES, I'd wish for them all to be taken away from the heartache & fear of a life with druggies. However, that just isn't reality.

the4m... the4mutts

If you raised yourself, they were not functional.

Functional implies that they can be high, and still do everything right.

Its an impossibility for druggies. They aren't seeing things the way sober people are, therefore cannot do things, or think things, a sober person could.

noneya79 noneya79

yes of course! no doubt about it! 

Carmen Martin

Maybe they should charge the mother with attempted murder.  What exactly did she think would happen to her child once said child consumed PCP?  She could have gone into cardiac arrest!

butte... butterflyfreak

I would just like to say that if you were going to remove children from the homes of all druggies, while a good idea in a perfect world, you would create a snowball effect. Before you know it, any parent who imbibes alcohol, whether it's a little or a lot, would be at risk of losing their kids. After all, if you're drunk you can't take care of your kids. Then we would start targeting smokers, whether they smoke around their kids or not, they're still running the risk of endangering their children's health. And then they'll start arresting parents pulling out of McD's with kids meals...

All this to say, we need to look at this as a case by case basis. This idiot woman who laced her kid's sandwich definitely deserves to lose her kid and face jail time. But what about the parent that only rarely does drugs and only when their kid is being properly cared for by someone else? Not so much. Any parent who gets behind the wheel of a car after drinking with their children in the car? Throw the book at them.


Harleigh Marie Karshner

I've seen plenty of people that have kids that shouldn't, but if the parents smoke pot and they can do everything right (I know a LOT of parents like that) I don't think they kids should be taken away. But parents that smoke pot and lets the kids be around it/smoke it/injest it/whatever, then they should be gone.


But yeah, as long as they are functioning I think its fine.

Angelique Ronchetti Thorne

It is absolutely not impossible for people who have a drug problem to function normally.  I unfortunately, am a recovered drug addict.  My husband and I have been clean and sober for almost four years.  Although, we did go through some very difficult times during our heaviest points of addiction, we still managed to raise four beautiful, intelligent, very well adapted children.,  So, here i am., living proof that you, the4mutts, are WRONG!!! thank you

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