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4 Cool Drinks for Kids That Moms Can Chill Out About

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red jacket juiceDoes somebody have a summer birthday? Kids' birthdays in the summer are the best: Just throw everyone at the park and let them entertain themselves, sit back, serve yourself a little rose from your cleverly-disguised wine box ...

Oh, but this is about the kids. In my neighborhood parents always serve the same little juice boxes at every birthday party. Elsewhere it's those big bottles of soda. Either way: Sugar bonanza. And why not? It's a party, not breakfast.

BUT -- I'm starting to see a lot of lower-sugar, natural, good-for-you drinks that look so fun and tasty I doubt kids will miss the sugar.

Cold-pressed juices -- I've been getting Red Jacket juices at the farmers' markets here for years but now they've gone national. So keep an eye out for these cold-pressed, unfiltered apple juices and nectars (they call them "Stomps"). Higher in fiber and antioxidants, no added anything, lots of yummy combos.

Iced tea -- Not the caffinated kind, of course! Try a fruity, herbal tea with honey mixed in for a bit of sweetness. (Did I mention cheap?) Republic of Tea has some great kid-friendly blends like orange caramel -- especially cute if you're going with a Brave movie theme.

Going coconuts -- 2012 is the summer of coconut. I'm serious, all of a sudden I'm seeing coconut everywhere. So Delicious makes scrumptious coconut milk drinks in chocolate and vanilla (and they have sugar-free versions). And for another spin on coconut Tree Top is making reduced sugar juices made with coconut water. Sounds weird but they taste great.

Agua fresca -- This is a light, simple Mexican drink made from melon. Couldn't be easier to make: You basically just throw watermelon into the blender along with (if your kids like it) mint, lime juice, water, and a little sweetener. Blend and strain -- and ahhh! So refreshing. Here's a watermelon agua fresca recipe.

What do you like to serve at your kids' birthday parties?


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Aunt_... Aunt_ning

The watermelon drink sounds great, gonna have to try that this summer! Minus the mint because I despise it

the4m... the4mutts

I'll try the watermelon drink today!

I love making different kinds of drinks for every occasion.

For my daughters 6th birthday coming up, I'm making virgin martini's.

*shhh.... she doesn't know they're supposed to be alcoholic*

She saw me drinking a pomegranite passion fruit one when he dad brought her home early one night. Its topped with blackberry and mint, and she loved it because its pink.

I made her a virgin one, and she said that its the "punch" she wants at her birthday. Cute, no?

nonmember avatar Michelle

I've been drinking Red Jacket for years! They sell it at whole foods and my whole family is addicted. I suggest trying the strawberry, which is super delish.

Disney17 Disney17

Soda and juice will be treats for my kids. Other than that, it's skim milk and water.

starr... starreyedcutie

Iced tea, lemonade, water, juice boxes

LOswa... LOswald0314

Lemonade with different flavors added.

.Ange... .Angelica.

those sound so good

count... countrygirlkat

Those all sound yummy.  Usually I just do water and kool-aide because it is so cheap. 

MamaM... MamaMandee

Thanks for the suggestions. I do punch or soda as its a party & a treat.

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