6 Siblings Get Straight-A Grades for 19 Years -- Where's Their Reality Show?! (VIDEO)

kogutTiger Mom who? Looks like there's a new recipe for raising the smartest kids on the block. 

For the past 19 years, six children from the Kogut family have made straight A's. That's right! They scored A's in every subject they took at Marley Middle School in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

The amazing report cards began in 1993 when the first Kogut kid enrolled at the school. Their secret? "We are very big on reading in our family," their mom Maureen explained to WBAL-TV. "We read all the time. I read to the kids every night."

And these kids were no class cut-ups. "[I] pay attention in class and do my homework. I just try as hard as I can," said the most recent grad Richie. Sibling rivalry played a part too. Added Maureen, "They are harder on each other than we could ever be."

Can you imagine if every single one of your kids made grades like this? Unfortunately, I don't think this is likely to inspire their peers. In the era of Jersey Shore and Teen Mom, kids are obsessed with getting famous, not getting good grades.

Shows like The Real World and Top Model have made becoming a reality TV star a bona fide career option. I even had a babysitter once tell me that she dreamed of being on the Bad Girls Club. If you've ever seen the show, you know why she is no longer on my sitter call list.

Still, these Kogut kids are a nice reminder that some teens have their priorities straight. I just wish more did.

Do you think kids are obsessed with reality TV fame?

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nonmember avatar Lord K

Of course no reality show for them, A students arent as glamourous as preg teens and kardashian extravagance.

nonmember avatar LBoz

That is wonderful, good for them! It's a shame it pays to be drunk at the shore or 16 and pregnant but in the long run these kids will not peak at 25 and then fizzle out like the others.

butte... butterflyfreak

To be honest, I don't really give a crap how other kids do. What's going to be important to me is making sure that MY child understands that reality TV is no way to make a living and that her best shot in life is going to come from doing well in school. I think it's great that these kids are doing so well but it's only because their PARENTS made reading and school work a priority instead of acting like their kids' friends and letting them watch stupid brain-draining TV shows.

nonmember avatar zizzler

Getting straight As isn't necessarily much of an accomplishment (sorry to be a negative Nancy, lol). Kids at my highschool would take the easiest classes available and have 4.0 GPAs. Not impressive. Getting Bs and Cs in AP and College Credit courses is much more significant. And when it comes down to it, getting A's these days is more about working the system, and isn't strongly tied to intelligence or relevant accomplishment. I didn't look into this article very deeply though, so it could be that this family has a streak of genius...and hopefully a significant college fund, lol.

LizB86 LizB86

These kids sound motivated and impressive.  Good for them!  I can see why they don't have their own reality show, though.  Now they're studying, and then they're studying, and after that they're, well, studying.  Great for their lives, but not such good entertainment!  Still, a news feature on their accomplishments would not be out of place.  Give them props for being good examples!

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