Nudist Colony Gets Sued for Banning Children

When it comes to kids and nudity, people can get weird. Very weird. Remember the photographer who took a picture of himself with his two young children in the bath and was arrested for raping them? Yeah, that kind of weird. Well, a nudist resort in Palm Springs, California wanted no part of people getting all weird about children and nudity. The couple who owned the resort didn't want to deal with people with cameras -- who might then put up photos of naked kids in the wrong place. They didn't want to deal with naked adult customers who felt strange with kids around. And they didn't want to deal with whatever weird lawsuit could crop up. So they did something sensible: They banned kids from the resort. And now it gets really weird.


The couple, John and Elizabeth Young, have owned the nudist resort, Desert Sun, since 2004. It was always geared towards adults, and very few children accompanied their parents. But in 2011, what with technology making it so easy to capture photos without people knowing, the Youngs decided they didn't want the hassle of trying to protect kids, or the potential of a lawsuit, so they banned children. The adult patrons didn't seem to care.

Except some did. A few months after the ban, the couple were sued for discrimination by unnamed clients as part of a larger suit against nudist colonies and gay hotels that don't allow children. So the Youngs essentially try to avoid a lawsuit -- which you know would happen eventually when someone's naked kid ends up online -- and they walk straight into another lawsuit. Crazy.

But this brings up the whole idea of having kids in nudist colonies. They used to be very popular with the "flower children" set. Believe me, I know. I grew up with hippies and trips to the local nude beach were a regular thing. But there comes a time when a kid can be excruciatingly embarrassed to be around naked adults -- especially mom and dad. Will it traumatize them for life? Doubtful. But don't underestimate a young kid's ability to feel embarrassment around naked adults -- especially when they start to get a bit older.

So, moms, if you want to bring your kids to a nudie resort (provided you can find one that still allows kids), and the kids are over, say, 7-years-old, ASK them if they are okay with it. Or, you know, hand them blinders. Or sunglasses. Very dark ones.

Would you bring your kid to a nudist colony?

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