Selfless 9-Year-Old Gives His Trip to Disney Away to Fallen Soldier's Family

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Disney WorldSome kids spend their whole lives dreaming of a trip to Disney World. I know I did. I was in my 20s and a mother by the time I made it. So you may be surprised to hear a 9-year-old boy who earned a trip to Disney World was more than willing to give away every kid's dream.

But Brendan Haas isn't just any 9-year-old boy. He's a kid who heard that many fallen soldiers leave behind young kids when they die while serving our country. And he wanted to give them something special. What could be better really than a trip to Disney?

I hate to sound like I'm giving an ad spiel for the happiest place on earth, but Haas' plan to give away his trip hit me in a way I didn't expect. I remember dreaming of Disney when I was a kid. With each passing year that we didn't go there, its mystical powers grew in my mind. I just knew that there was magic there, if only I could make it. Every January I'd return to school after Christmas break to see more pictures from more kids who'd made the pilgrimage to kid heaven, and grow more depressed.

Like it or not, the trip to Disney is a rite of passage. It's a marker for so many kids' childhoods. I don't begrudge my parents anything for not taking us -- they had a lot of bills to pay, and they did what they could for us, including trips to vacation spots closer to home.

Brendan can't take away the pain that Timothy Steele's wife and daughter are going through since he died in Afghanistan last year. But by giving up something so special for the sake of another kid, he's given a little girl a moment in her life she will always hold close.

It doesn't get more magical than that, huh? Oh wait, but it does: little Brendan planned this from the get-go. He set up an elaborate "trading up" scheme for bigger and better things, eventually earning a trip to Disney, with the plan that it WOULD go to a soldier's family.

What do you think of Brendan's gift to this family?


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Robyn Rimkus

Very moving that a child of 9 has more character then most adults. May his commitment for something better for this world GROW so we all can give a little peace in this world to everyone! God Bless!! Semper FI!

momto... momto3angels

Someone get that kid his own trip to Disney, all expenses paid!

Lynnetta Adkins

This is a great kid who has been taught by great parents and other adults in his life. This gives me the greatest pride in the world that a child knows how important Our military families are especially the children who have lost parents. God Bless this child and his family!

navyw... navywife0204

That is one very kind hearted boy.   it's not often that you find kids that giving.  He has some great parents to be raising such an awesome son. 

Nessa... Nessasmomma

That is one amazing little boy.

tina0... tina08mommy

Aw he is an amazing kid. We need more people like him in this world

nonmember avatar Emme

What's up with The Stir today? I just read three heartwarming stories in a row! Two of which almost brought me to tears. I wish there were stories like this everyday.

Sarah Fenter

what do I think? I can't think right now, I'm too busy crying!! Brendan is truly a gift from above, and at such a young age --- there truly is hope for our future --- and he will be at the top because he aims high, and not for himself, but for others! what an amazing YOUNG MAN! what an inspiration he is to all of us, we need to all become a part of this in anyway we can, for any good cause! Thank you Brendan -- and a kudos to your family for raising such an outstanding man!

nonmember avatar Keir

What an incredibly wonderful young man. He restores my faith , as do his parents, in humanity. We're all struggling to raise good people. I'm actually crying to read this..,,,

Tracy Obrien

This young man has one huge heart and his parents should be very proud of him. Not every child would even think about being as tenderhearted these days. Just reading this story has given me hopes for the future. Karma shall come his way...Only time knows when. I hope he's ready when it does! :)

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