How Planes Stay In the Sky: For Kids & Grownups Who Wanna Know (VIDEO)

Amy Kuras OMG

There are two kinds of people in the world ... those who love flying and those who are fully aware we're strapped into a giant, heavy, metal tube zooming through the air in a death-tempting feat of engineering (guess which one I fall into?).

No matter what side you're on, eventually your kid is going to ask you how those planes they love to spot stay aloft. And you'd better have a better answer than "magic."

Here's a hint: There's a physics principle involved, which will make you sound impressively smart to your kids. Always good to stay one step ahead, right?

 Here's how it works:

Did you know the answer? Will it calm you down if you're a nervous flier?

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Image via Marina Avila/Flickr


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