Kid's Cute 'To-Do' List Proves He's Got His Priorities Straight

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little boy's to-do listAdmit it -- you're jealous of your kids sometimes, right? They might think they have it tough when they can't fall asleep at naptime or the dipping sauce from their snack pack spills all over their backpack, but man, do they have it easy! The fact is, none of us really know how good we have it when our greatest responsibility in the world is heading to a play date or finishing our grilled cheese for dinner. Although, after seeing one little boy's "to-do" list, I might have to eat my words.

Posted on Reddit and by a guy who says his son wrote it, the kid's list of "Things to do today" is super adorable ... 

The kiddo's must-dos:

Go to the store
Sing a tune or song
Get dizzy
Sit down

What I wouldn't give for those to be the only things I had to do every day. So funny. I wonder how he plans on getting dizzy? Spinning around in circles? Hula-hooping? Dancing up a storm? Remember spending hours being perfectly blissed out while enjoying such simple activities? It was even better (at least for uber-goody-two-shoes me) when those were the things you knew you were supposed to be doing!

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And I thought the days of that kind of activity were long gone, you know, with the invent of Wii and Angry Birds and what not. Wow, this actually gives me hope for kids these days. Obviously, it doesn't take much to make some of them happy (or keep 'em busy, for that matter!). Just need a little eating, singing, drawing, drinking, getting dizzy, and oh yeah, sitting down ...

How cute is this "to-do" list?!

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Sara B. Ware

It is the mostest adorable!  I"m off to go "sing a tune or song" right now!

MomLi... MomLily67

How precious!! I do remember when 'making mud puddle" was one of my top priorities.  I love the innosense (did I spell it right?). Glad to see he did not  include play with x-box or something like that.

nonmember avatar B

The stuff kids come up with! So cute! (and it is innocence, by the way)

Mousuke Mousuke

The list is cute, but not "inspirational."

mamivon2 mamivon2

haha too cute

Dana Stinson

Makes me love my kids even more for their simplicity.

libby261 libby261

When I was a kid, spinning to get dizzy and then watching the room spin was something we did for fun.

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