5 Biggest Myths About Kids & Video Games

kid video gameVideo games have been blamed for doing all sorts of harm to kids ever since they were invented (video games, that is -- not kids).

But how much of the hype is really true?

Not much, as it turns out.

Here's what we learned when we took a look at 5 of the biggest myths surrounding video games and the supposedly horrible things they can do to kids.


Myth #1 Violence in video games makes kids more aggressive.

Not according to research! In fact, no conclusive evidence linking violent games to increased violent behavior has ever been found.

Myth #2 Video games can cause or aggravate ADHD in children.

On the contrary, some experts say that "video games provide a sense of accomplishment that can be rare in the lives of kids suffering from this disorder." Some video games can even treat ADHD!

Myth #3 Video games can lead to depression and/or anxiety in kids.

Get this: Some teens actually respond better to special cognitive behavior video games than they do to actual counseling!

Myth #4 Video games make kids fat.

Again, science says otherwise. No "causal link" has been found between video games and childhood obesity rates (can't say the same for fast food!).

Myth #5 Video games are to blame when kids get bad grades.

The dots don't connect here either, research shows. Sure, it's a good idea for kids to do their homework before they play, but otherwise? One has surprisingly little to do with the other.

Interesting, right? Time to panic about something else, everybody!

Do you think any of these myths are true?

Image via Anthony Crider/Flickr

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