How to Talk to Kids About Sex & Other Touchy Subjects (VIDEO)

Kristen Chase Show When it comes to parenthood, there are some situations that throw you for a bit of a loop, no matter how much you've rehearsed (or planned to rehearse) for them. Sometimes even though you have envisioned yourself calmly explaining the birds and the bees to your son a million times, when he actually asks, there may be nothing but buzzing in your ears.

In this week's episode of The Kristen Chase Show, Kristen delves into this and some other sticky topics. She talks to child family therapist Jenna Rankin about how to handle some of the most uncomfortable situations we moms find ourselves in, like when your child walks in on you having sex or walks into the bathroom while you're putting in a tampon.


Other topics they tackle include things like: When your kids are too old to bathe with you; when a child should stop going into the opposite gender bathroom in public; and when you should stop undressing in front of your child.

Unfortunately for us, there are no hard and fast answers to any of these tough questions. Instead, Rankin suggests parents tune into their own instincts and try to adapt their responses to what they think their child is ready to handle. She cautions that we don't want to give them too much information before they're ready, but that we also don't want to dismiss their questions or make them feel uncomfortable.

Like the issues at hand, our kids' questions about them are pretty much inevitable. I haven't gotten too many of them from my kids yet, but I know they're coming. It seems all we can do in the end is do our best, and hope we give them the right information without screwing things up too bad.


How have you handled any of these situations with your kids? What are the sticky situations you most dread addressing with them?


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