Moms Who Work Have It Easy

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working momTaking care of kids around the clock can be hazardous to your mental health. It's a fact!

A Gallup survey of 60,000 women discovered that stay-at-home moms are more likely to have depression, sadness, and anger than working moms.

Sad, but not exactly a big shocker. It's a grueling existence. Something -- or someone -- always needs to be changed, cleaned, and preened. All it takes is a 10-week maternity leave for a new mom to realize that taking care of kids full-time is literally the hardest gig in the universe. It's no wonder so many woman are excited to get back to the grind. Basically, working moms are getting off easy.

They get up and out of the house every day and interact with the rest of the world. That means a steady stream of conversations that don't include references to the Wonder Pets and Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! That isolation is probably the most painful part of being a stay-at-home and, no doubt, partly the reason 28% are diagnosed with depression.

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That doesn't mean career-driven mommies don't have their own set of woes. The survey revealed that 17% of working moms have depression too. That existence can be overwhelming for different reasons. Most find it impossible to give everything 100%. Something alway suffers, whether that's means missing deadlines or a school play.

And this whole mommy guilt thing is a killer. I am pained every time I think of one of my son's first sentences: "Mommy, don't go!" Ouch! Still, some women are better moms because they work. They feel like they have something for themselves, something else that gives a sense of pride.

That may make it easier for them to face the inevitable -- the time when your kids are indifferent to your existence. It happens to every mom, from the Carol Bradys to the Claire Huxtables. But the questions stay-at-home moms are left with is, "Now what?"

If nothing else, this survey proves one crucial point: all moms need something other than their kids to focus on. Charity, a part-time job or volunteer work can provide a sense of purpose that's always there as the kids grow up and even when they are long gone.

What do you think? Do working moms have it easier?


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sweet... sweetcherry_59

Wait for it, RhondaVeggie will be here soon to bash all working moms to hell.

I'm a working mom and I'm 100% content with it. If you have a problem with the way I'm living my life it's just that....your problem.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Haha yea where is that veggie???

Parenting is not easy period! Working or not. I enjoy my job and love my kids. I have an excellent balance plus I want my kids to learn things from daddy without me being there to intervene.

NoR_C... NoR_CaL_MoMmY

As a SAHM I do go a little crazy being with kids 24/7. Someone needs something every second of every day and it can be stressful....I miss adult conversation and that interaction however there is no way I could work 40+ hours a week plus commute time. I have anxiety and would go more crazy worrying about my kids than I do being home with them all the time. I don't think either mom has it "easy" though... But for me, financially we are fine with me being home so why would I work and pay someone to raise my babies? Not every mom has that luxury...and for that I'm very grateful. It would be so hard to HAVE to work when all you want is to be home with your kids. My neighbor is a teacher and she said when her kids were a couple months old she was dying to get back to work. Some moms are just happier people when they work. To each their own :-)

Torra... TorranceMom

Oh Lord! I don't even want to touch this one . . .

Mandago Mandago

This is a loaded topic. I think it's important to point out, though, that "somebody needs something every second of the day" whether you stay at home or work. When I'm at home, it's my kid, my husband, and my cats. When I'm at work it's my customers and my boss. Working outside of the home isn't less stressful, it's just different stress.

LizB86 LizB86

I've been both a stay at home and a working mom, and I would not say that being a SAHM is "harder" in the sense of "requiring more effort", it just makes you crazy and depressed because it's super tedious and you can practically feel your brain turning to mush.

MsRkg MsRkg

I can definitely agree with this article. Being a mother is hard and while I love my son to death, I was losing my mind when I was home with him on maternity leave. My job gave me a very generous 24 weeks leave but  I ended up going back early.Working does not only benefit my mental health, but brings in more extra income for the family which means better opportunities and things for my son (i.e. private school, multiple vacations and trips, etc). I feel very blessed with my job too because we have a no-hour workday which means I can come and go when I please, work from the office, the home, or the park, and as we are a small  business my employer has no problem with me or the nanny bringing my son in anytime and having him hang around the office for the day if  I'm in.

Long story short when I need adult conversation I can escape to the office and away from home or  if my son needs more mom time than usual I can stay home and spend the day with him. For me, working is the best thing for my family and until a need for that changes we will continue to operate that way. It's just for each family/mom to do what works for them and not worry about anyone else's thoughts or opinions.  

butte... butterflyfreak

Really?!? Yet another survey, and just one more story to add fuel to the "Mommy Wars." Starting in...3...2...1... 

tinam... tinamarie09

I have been home since I was 5 months pregnant my son is now 4 months old if I don't get to run to the store even just for milk I go crazy.  I went from working full time to not working to 24/7 mommy duty it is rewarding in so many ways but it gets lonely having no one to talk to and I get stir crazy I am so thankful I am about to start a part time job to get some extra income and give me some, I wouldn't call it "me time" more like (please do not take this the wrong way) "no baby time"  I love him to death but I don't think I could be at home 24/7 with out a project  for me to work on outside of taking care of him again, at least when I  was pregnant I  got to set up the baby's room.

nonmember avatar Theresa

To make such a general statement about the every day struggles of motherhood for any group of moms demonstrates both a lack of intelligence and a lack of life experience. Every individual mother has her own issues. A real mother would know that. Both the author and that RhondaVeggie fool have a lot to learn about life. These type of ignorant debates always take place between insecure mothers who are miserable in their lives. That goes for both sides.

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