The 5 Water Safety Tips That Will Help Your Kid's Summer Stay FUN

toddler at the beach

I used to love summer. Hot sun. Barbecues. Fresh-cut grass. And then I became a mother, and thus totally terrified of the water.

Go ahead. Call me neurotic. But when you consider the CDC says drowning is the leading cause of injury death among children 1 to 4 years old, the closer we get to summer, the more panicked I get about all those pool parties and river outing invites. So when I found out May is National Water Safety Month, I knew I had two choices.


I could rejoice in the fact that I'm not the only neurotic mom out there -- it's a national THING. Or I could do something about it. Lucky for you, I went for number two. I decided to help all those neurotic moms out there actually feel good about their kids and water this month.

Behold! I talked to some real life water safety experts about what the heck it is we always do wrong ... and how to actually get the kids water-ready! Go get the sunscreen, it's time to actually have a decent summer! Oh wait, but read the tips first ... there are a few that might surprise you.

What terrifies you most during the summer months with your kids?


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